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MangaMagical Record Lyrical Nanoha Force
Japanese title「リアクター」
PublishedMay 29, 2010

"Reactor" (「リアクター」 Riakutā) is chapter 07 of Magical Record Lyrical Nanoha Force. It was originally published on May 29, 2010.


The chapter opens with a Thoma's flashback of his first meeting with Subaru on Vaizen. The two, sharing similar experiences, quickly grew fond of each other, and Subaru arranged for him to be taken to an orphanage. After he grew up, the Nakajima family offered to adopt him, but he decided to go on a journey before giving an answer. The flashback switches to a vision of Veyron who incites hate in Thoma, and he stands up, having apparently lost control of himself. Cypha asks Signum whether he will be ever able to live normally. Meanwhile, on Vaizen, Vita, Teana, Fate, and Nanoha scramble to assist Signum. Signum and Agito unison out to attack Cypha and Thoma, respectively. However, Cypha effortlessly breaks Laevatein and slashes Signum across the chest. She then knocks Agito with a bombardment spell before pinning Signum to the ground with one of her swords. Thoma almost attacks Lily and Isis but all of them are restrained by Arnage, who knocks them out with a sleeping gas. She explains to Cypha that she brought means of transportation for three people with her, and persuades her to bring Lily and Isis along with Thoma.


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