EC Reactor (ECリアクター EC Riakutā)[1] or Eclipse Reactor (エクリプスリアクター Ekuripusu Riakutā), commonly shortened as Reactor (sometimes rubied as "react catalyst" (反応触媒(リアクター))), is the Device-like equipment that plays supportive role to Eclipse Drivers.


When inserted into an Eclipse infectee's body, the Reactor brings out the Driver and his/her Divider's power to the utmost.[2] This is known as React (リアクト Riakuto).

Reacting (リアクティング Riakutingu) is the stage when Eclipse Drivers and their Reactors react to each other's proximity, similar to how inflammable materials start to burn when near a fire. Apparently, even regular mages can react to a Reactor's presence, such as when Thoma and Lily first meet each other: Thoma's pupil and head ache when compressed information flows to his brain directly through his retina.[3]

A Strosek-type Reactor can additionally suppress the effects of the Eclipse infection instead of exacerbating them.[4][5]


While the origins of the Eclipse virus are unknown, the Reactors, including the Strosek types, have been created in Vandein Corporation labs on Liberta, in an attempt to control the powers the infection induces.[6] Later on, the same labs also produced Replica Dividers.[7]



Reactors usually take the form of tiny inorganic items, e.g. knife.


Some Reactors are built inside the Dividers. They React through blood authentication on Dividers.


Main article: Strosek

Strosek, a.k.a. React Plug (リアクトプラグ Riakuto Puragu), is the rare series of Reactor that possess a humanoid form.



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