Quinn Garland
Quinn Garland
Reacted Quinn wielding her Divider-VG4
Character profile
Other namesSpecial Attacker
SpeciesEclipse Driver
FamilyGrendel family
SystemSpecial (EC)
Japanese nameクイン・ガーランド
(Kuin Gārando)
First app.Force (ch.22)

Quinn Garland[1] (クイン・ガーランド Kuin Gārando) is an Eclipse Driver associated with the Grendel family first introduced in Magical Record Lyrical Nanoha Force.


Garland is probably a reference to M1 Garand. Notably, "Quinn" itself is generally a family name instead of first name.

Similar to other female members of Grendel, Quinn is titled as the "Special Attacker" (「特攻」 Tokkō) of the Grendel family.


Quinn wears a black sailor uniform. Her eyes seem to glow continuously, and her face resembles Saber's from Fate/stay night.

In ForceEdit

In Force (ch.22), Quinn attacks Special Duty Section 6 along other Grendel family members. After being defeated by Cypha of Hückebein, she is taken into custody by Thoma Avenir.

In Force (ch.31), it is revealed that Quinn was not among the original members of the Grendel family, but was taken in by Kurt Grendel at a later point. Because of this, Kurt allows her to assist Nanoha Takamachi and Cinque Nakajima in apprehending other Eclipse Drivers and to help other Eclipse infectees, unfazed by Quinn's apparent rejection of this idea.


Quinn wields the straight-sword-shaped Divider-VG4 as weapon, which is a Replica Divider provided by Vandein Corporation. She can attack at an indefensible speed by making use of energy particle attacks with her Divider.

Her Reactor is in-built, hence her React is through blood authentication.


Particle AttackSpecial (EC)AttackShooting



  1. ^ Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Force, Vol.5 Character Profile #20.

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