Quadruple Burst Barret
Burst Barret
Harry shooting at Els Tasmin
Spell profile
Primary casterHarry Tribeca
Magic systemMidchilda
TypeShooting (Aimed)
Japanese name4連 バーストバレット
(Yonren Bāsuto Baretto)
First app.ViVid (ch.27)

Quadruple Burst Barret (4連 バーストバレット Yonren Bāsuto Baretto, lit. Four Consecutive Burst Barret) is a fiery shooting spell cast by Harry Tribeca.

It is a cross-range shooting attack, as the fiery bullets are charged as a spiral at the knuckle and launched with a punch attack with four barret hits, as depicted in the anime version.

Notable usesEdit

In ViVid (ch.26) / ViVid anime (ep.09), Harry casts the spell during her prime match against Els Tasmin.