Property Title is of type record and contains the formatted English title, the original Japanese (written with kanji and kana) title, and the romanized Japanese (written with romaji) title of an installment, episode, chapter, Sound Stage, or game sequence. It is used in episode and chapter lists in Media articles, as well as in the Media and Continuity articles.

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'Lyrical' is the Magic Word? +'Lyrical' is the Magic Word? (魔法の呪文はリリカルなの?, Mahō no jumon wa ririkaru nano?)  +
A Flash of Rainbow +A Flash of Rainbow (虹の一閃, Niji no Issen)  +
A's Sound Stage 01 +A's Sound Stage 01 (A's サウンドステージ01, Ēsu Saundo Stēji 01)  +
A's Sound Stage 02 +A's Sound Stage 02 (A's サウンドステージ02, Ēsu Saundo Stēji 02)  +
A's Sound Stage 03 +A's Sound Stage 03 (A's サウンドステージ03, Ēsu Saundo Stēji 03)  +
A's Sound Stage M +A's Sound Stage M (A's サウンドステージM, Ēsu Saundo Stēji M)  +
A's to StrikerS Phase-1 +A's to StrikerS Phase-1 (?, ?)  +
A's to StrikerS Phase-2 +A's to StrikerS Phase-2 (?, ?)  +
A's to StrikerS Phase-3 +A's to StrikerS Phase-3 (?, ?)  +
All or Nothing +All or Nothing (オール・オア・ナッシング, Ōru oa Nasshingu)  +
All the Individual Heartfelt Vows! +All the Individual Heartfelt Vows! (それぞれの胸の誓いなの, Sorezore no mune no chikai nano)  +
Anticipation +Anticipation (期待, Kitai)  +
Armour Dine +ARMOUR DINE (アーマーダイン, Āmādain)  +
Asteion (chapter) +Asteion (アスティオン, Asution)  +
Backsword-Drawing Art! +Backsword-Drawing Art! (抜刀居合!, Battō Iai!)  +
Battle Technique Disclosure Fair +Battle Technique Disclosure Fair (戦技披露会, Sengi Hirōkai)  +
Bayonet +Bayonet (ベイオネット, Beionetto)  +
The Beginning Comes Suddenly +The Beginning Comes Suddenly (はじまりは突然になの, Hajimari wa totsuzen ni nano)  +
Binding Chains +Binding Chains (縛鎖, ?)  +
Blood & Flame +Blood & Flame (ブラッド&フレーム, Buraddo & Furēmu)  +
Brand New Heart +Brand New Heart (ブランニュー・ハート, Burannyū Hāto)  +
Brand New Stage +Brand New Stage (ブランニュー・ステージ, Burannyū Sutēji)  +
Breakthrough Flash +Breakthrough Flash (撃ち抜く閃光, Uchinuku Senkō)  +
Breakthrough Strike +Breakthrough Strike (撃ち抜く<ruby><rb>一撃</rb><rp>(</rp><rt>ストライク</rt><rp>)</rp></ruby>, Uchinuku Sutoraiku)  +
Burning Drive +Burning Drive (バーニング・ドライブ, Bāningu Doraibu)  +

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