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'Lyrical' is the Magic Word? +Nanoha defeats her first monster, showing incredible talent, and joins Yuuno on his quest to find the [[magic]]al [[Jewel Seed]]s.  +
A's to StrikerS Phase-1 +Immediately after ''[[A's]]'' epilogue, the [[Three Aces]] and the [[Wolkenritter]] are sent on a mission to retrieve [[Lost Logia]] from excavations on a remote world. Fending off an attack by [[Gadget Drone]]s, they recover a [[Relic]], but the second Lost Logia seemingly self-destructs before they can reach it.  +
A's to StrikerS Phase-2 +The Aces head to the extraction point with the [[Relic]] but detect an ambush of [[Gadget Drone]]s along the way. [[Signum]] and [[Vita]] intercept the Gadgets and destroy all of them, ensuring their safe return. Vita has a flashback of [[Nanoha]]'s injury in 0068.  +
A's to StrikerS Phase-3 +Back on the ''[[Arthra]]'', the Aces and the [[Wolkenritter]] celebrate an accomplished mission, despite the suspicion that it may not have been an isolated incident. Two weeks later, a fire breaks out at the [[Coastal Airport 8]].  +
All the Individual Heartfelt Vows! +[[Arf]] attacks [[Precia]] in anger over how she treats [[Fate]], and is defeated and thrown out. She transports to [[Earth]] and joins [[Nanoha]]. Nanoha visits her friends and family, to sort everything out, and decides to have one final battle with Fate.  +
Asteion (chapter) +[[Vivio]] spars with [[Chantez]] and eventually loses to her [[Twin Wheel Sword Dance]]. Chantez expresses concern that Vivio's current abilities are not sufficient to win the tournament, which Vivio agrees with without much regrets. Meanwhile, [[Hayate]] presents [[Einhard]] her new [[Device]], which she names [[Asteion]]. Afterwards, [[Nove]] gives Vivio, [[Corona]], [[Rio]] and Einhard a day off from their training.  +
Battle Technique Disclosure Fair +Some time after ''[[StrikerS]]'', [[Nanoha]] and [[Signum]] face off against each other in a spectacular mock battle that ends in a draw.  +
The Beginning Comes Suddenly +[[Nanoha]], who is awaiting [[Fate]]'s return, is ambushed by [[Vita]] and [[Graf Eisen]] for her [[Linker Core]]. Vita gains the advantage by using the [[cartridge system]] to increase her weapon's power. At the last minute when all seems hopeless Fate, [[Arf]], and [[Yuuno]] arrive.  +
Blood & Flame +In the afternoon, news of the [[church]] massacre have reached [[Port Town]] and the population is advised to exercise caution. The culprit is believed to be [[Thoma]], who is still hiding in the woods with bad fever. [[Isis]] goes to the town to buy food and medicine, leaving Lily to watch over Thoma. On her way back, she contemplates how dangerous it is for her to stay with them but decides not to abandon her friends. Meanwhile, [[Veyron]] returns to the [[Hückebein]] base, greeted by [[Arnage]] and [[Stella]]. He then meets up with [[Fortis]] and [[Deville]], who inform him that [[Riot Force 6]] has been reformed to secure the [[Divider]], with Hückebein targeted as well. Fortis also notes that they still haven't found Veyron's own Divider, but he says he is fine with his [[EC Divider Code-928|928]]. Back on [[Ruwella]], Thoma dreams of his past life on [[Vaizen]] and the present with [[Subaru]], stating that if Veyron dares to take it away, too, he will kill him. With this, he awakens and throws up. Lily fails to reach him or Isis telepathically, but at this moment [[Cypha of Hückebein]] finds them and attempts to seize Thoma by force. Just as she is about to kill Lily, she is stopped by [[Signum]] and [[Agito]], who arrive to arrest all three of them, introducing themselves as members of [[Special Duty Section 6]].  +
Brand New Heart +The episode mainly covers chapters 8 through 9 of the original manga, and its title is a revised form of the chapter title "[[Brand New Stage]]".  +
Brand New Stage +Some time after their rematch, [[Vivio]] is attempting to get to know [[Einhard]] better but there is still distance between them. At school, she, [[Corona]] and [[Rio]] are taking the final exams before a holiday trip with [[Nanoha]], [[Fate]], [[Subaru]], [[Teana]], [[Nove]], [[Caro]] and [[Erio]]. The trip is going to take place on an uninhabited world of [[Carnaaji]], where [[Lutecia]] and [[Megane Alpine]] reside. Unbeknownst to Vivio, Nove talks Einhard into coming, as well, and brings her along before they set off. On Carnaaji, Lutecia has prepared a massive training facility to accommodate her guests, of which she is enormously proud. The chapter ends as Vivio, Einhard and the rest set off on the trip.  +
Breakthrough Strike +[[Fuka Reventon]] and [[Rinne Berlinetta]] continue with their fight. Rinne remembers how Jill trained her and wounds Fuka. Fuka gets back up and, despite being overpowered for a moment, knocks Rinne out.  +
Christmas Eve +[[Chrono]] continues his research on the [[Book of Darkness]]. On Christmas Eve, [[Nanoha]] and [[Fate]] give [[Hayate]] a surprise visit, and encounter the [[Wolkenritter]] in the hospital room, learning of their connection to her. The groups fight that night on the hospital roof, but two masked men intervene, incapacitating Nanoha and Fate and draining the Wolkenritter's [[Linker Core]]s. Taking on Nanoha and Fate's appearance, they then summon Hayate to the roof and kill [[Vita]] in front of her to force her to awaken the Book of Darkness.  +
Christmas Eve Gift +[[Fate]] is trapped in a dream of an ideal life with [[Alicia]] and a sane [[Precia Testarossa|Precia]], but manages to break free. [[Hayate]] reaches out to the [[Book of Darkness]], renaming it [[Reinforce]].  +
Climactic Battle Over the Sea! +When [[Fate]] tries to use a dangerous method of gathering the six [[Jewel Seed]]s in the ocean, the [[TSAB]] plans to ambush her once she is finished and weakenened, but [[Nanoha]] intervenes to help Fate overcome the process.  +
Cradle (episode) +After [[Subaru]] recovers from her injuries, she moves onto the plan for [[Mach Caliber]] to be powered-up in order to endure her [[cyborg]] power. At that time, [[Scaglietti]] and his comrades are working on the next step of their plan involving [[Vivio]]'s power. It is also shown that [[Ginga]] has seemingly joined Scaglietti as number 13.  +
The Day After (I) +Over a month after the [[JS Incident]], those involved in it contemplate their future. [[Teana]] is offered a position of an [[Enforcer]] aide under [[Fate]] after [[Riot Force 6]] disbands. [[Erio]] and [[Caro]] decide to continue working together. The reformed [[Number]]s are being reeducated by [[Ginga]]. [[Hayate]] visits [[Genya Nakajima]] for career advice. [[Nanoha]] offers [[Vita]] to become a [[Aerial Tactical Instructor Corps|Tactical Instructor]].  +
The Day After (II) +''Corresponds to anime episode 27.5.'' [[Subaru]] receives an invitation to the elite [[Gulf Special Rescue Unit]] but is uncertain whether it's the right path for her. [[Nanoha]] and [[Teana]] encourage her to take up the offer.  +
A Day of Nanoha Takamachi +The chapter opens with [[Yuuno]]'s report on [[Nanoha]]'s life between ''[[TOS|Nanoha]]'' and ''[[A's]]'' to [[Chrono]] and [[Amy Limietta|Amy]]. Nanoha has thrown herself into training under Yuuno's supervision, which includes both outdoors practice and imaginary training grounds inside her head (erected with [[Raising Heart]]'s help). Yuuno is worried that such rigorous training would normally prove self-destructive but Nanoha's enormous [[mana]] reserves seem to handle it just fine. Moreover, she is able to combine her secret training with the normal life of a grade schooler, even though it leaves her exhausted every day. Aboard ''[[Arthra]]'', Chrono expresses concern for Nanoha's health. Back on [[Earth]], Nanoha decides to try out a new variation of [[Starlight Breaker]] and asks Yuuno to erect a barrier to contain it. [[Lindy Harlaown|Lindy]] and the others watch from space, as the new spell completely obliterates Yuuno's barrier from inside. The backlash of the spell confines Nanoha to bed for one and a half days but her Starlight Breaker gains the "Total Seal Break" property and additional power.  +
Decisive Battle +From [[Yuuno]]'s research, [[the Saint's Cradle]] is expected to be unstoppable if it reaches orbit and absorbs the power of two moons. [[Nanoha]] and [[Vita]] invade the Cradle, [[Hayate]] attempts to deal with the units outside, and [[Fate]] attacks [[Scaglietti]]'s hideout. [[Signum]] and [[Rein]] go to battle [[Knight]] [[Zest]] and [[Agito]], while the Forwards fight the [[cyborg]]s and [[Lutecia]] on the ground.  +
Desired Strength +The chapter begins with a flashback of [[Ingvalt]] and [[Olivie]]'s mutual past on [[Shutra]], as "remembered" by [[Einhard]] and written down in Ingvalt's memoirs. After they are done, [[Nove]] calls all of them to the training ground, where [[Subaru]], [[Teana]], [[Nanoha]], [[Fate]], [[Erio]] and [[Caro]] are having a mock battle. Einhard is shocked and impressed by their magical and physical conditioning but Vivio explains about their jobs in the [[TSAB]]. Afterwards, Vivio whisks Einhard off for a workout, while [[Lutecia]] informs [[Corona]] that her new [[Intelligent Device]] is almost done. Inside the Alpine house, [[Megane]] talks with the newly-arrived [[Sein]], who contemplates "a little hot spring surprise" for the rest.  +
Destiny +[[Hayate]] is engulfed by the [[Book of Darkness|Book]]'s power. [[Chrono]] fights the masked men and discovers that they are the [[Liese]] Twins, Admiral [[Gil Graham]]'s [[familiar]]s, and that Graham had planned for Hayate to complete the Book of Darkness in order to seal it and her away. While [[Arisa]] and [[Suzuka]] learn the truth about [[Nanoha]] and [[Fate]], Fate gets absorbed by the Book of Darkness.  +
Dreams +''Corresponds to anime episode 15.5.'' This chapter focuses on the dreams of [[Jail Scaglietti]] and his [[Number]]s, as well as those of the [[Three Aces]] and the young [[Forward]]s under their command. It closes with Scaglietti detailing the Numbers' objectives in the upcoming assault of [[Long Arch]].  +
Eclipse (chapter) +[[Thoma]] demands to know whether the man was the one who killed the nuns and destroyed his village on [[Vaizen]] before a fight erupts, wherein Thoma shows extraordinary proficiency with his [[Divider]]. After hearing Thoma's story, the man mocks him for his lack of understanding of the current situation. Thoma fully activates the Divider and attacks again but is soon knocked out. [[Isis]] rushes in between them but the man leaves, introducing himself as "[[Veyron]] of [[Hückebein]] Family" and saying that Thoma should seek him out. Outside, he is contacted by [[Arnage]] and tells her that he didn't retrieve the Divider because Thoma is "completely infected by the [[Eclipse]]", so he will come to them on his own. Meanwhile, in [[Cranagan]], [[Hayate]] welcomes [[Erio Mondial]] and [[Caro Ru Lushe]], who have been assigned to her unit again, and they discuss a countermeasure to "[[Zero Effect]]" that [[Vita]] has been testing. At the same time, [[Subaru Nakajima]] meets up with [[Nanoha Takamachi]] at a dimensional port on [[Mid-Childa]], and they talk about a boy Subaru introduced to her, who turns out to be Thoma.  +
Eclipse Driver (chapter) +[[Signum]] gives another warning to [[Cypha]], who instead orders [[Lily]] to watch her to "remember what [she] should become" and faces Signum, weapons drawn. Evacuation orders are issued in [[Port Town]], while [[Isis]] hurries to her friends' aid, revealing herself as an [[flight|aerial mage]]. Meanwhile, Signum manages to lightly wound Cypha, then enters [[Unison]] with [[Agito]]. After confirming that Cypha wields a [[Divider]] and that she was among the responsible for the massacre on the Uninhabited World #14 three month earlier, Signum attacks again and completely severs Cypha's right hand at the shoulder, which damages [[Laevatein]]. Cypha is able to regenerate her arm thanks to the "mid-stages infection by the [[Eclipse]]", but Agito and Signum prepare to capture her, nonetheless. Cypha then transforms her dagger and katana into twin swords, apparently the "[[Full Drive]]" form of her Divider, and dares Signum to attack. At this moment, Isis finds Lily and [[Thoma]] and urges them to escape. Instead, upon regaining consciousness, Thoma pushes her away and screams in pain, and Cypha comments that he is already one of them. On [[Vaizen]], [[Subaru]] is informed that Thoma is likely one of the culprits, but resolves to confirm it herself.  +

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