Property Mode is of type text and indicates two things, depending on the type of article it is used in:

  • In Device articles, which modes/forms the corresponding Device can assume. The Standby Mode should never be listed, nor should the default active mode if they are the only two modes the Device assumes. Likewise, if a Device loses certain modes (e.g. through upgrades like Raising Heart and Bardiche), they should be removed from property values, so only the forms the Device can theoretically assume in the most recent primary continuity installment are listed.
  • In character articles, which modes/forms the corresponding character's Barrier Jacket (or equivalent) can assume. All Barrier Jacket modes that the character has ever used should be listed except the default/starting one.

Normally, more than one value of this property should be specified for each page it is used in.

Pages using the property "Mode"

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Thoma Avenir +Black Knight  +
Bardiche +Zanber Form  +, Sealing/Glaive Form  +, Device/Axe/Assault/Bullova Form  +,
Brunzel +Tact Form  +, Wristlet Form  +
Mikaya Chevelle +Storm Armor  +
Cross Mirage +Guns Mode  +, Dagger Mode  +, Blazer Mode  +
Yuri Eberwein +Purple Sky Attire  +, Purple Sky Attire (Red)  +
Amitie Florian +Protect Suit  +, Formula Suit  +
Graf Eisen +Hammerform  +, Raketenform  +, Gigantform  +,
Iris +Asteria  +
Kerykeion +Active Mode  +, Second Mode  +, Third Mode  +
Klarwind +Ringeform  +, Pendelform  +
Laevatein +Schwertform  +, Schlangeform  +, Bogenform  +
Teana Lanster +Stars Style  +
Luciferion +Heat Head  +, Blaster Head  +, Disaster Head  +
Mach Caliber +Active Mode  +, Gear Second  +, Gear Exelion  +
Material-D +Diabolique  +
Material-L +Slash Suit  +, Slash Suit "Sprite Form"  +
Material-S +Heat Suit  +
Erio Mondial +Lightning Style  +
Subaru Nakajima +Stars Style  +
Raising Heart +Device/Axel Mode  +, Shooting/Buster Mode  +, Blaster Mode  +,
Caro Ru Lushe +Lightning Style  +
Strada +Speerform  +, Düsenform  +, Unwetterform  +
Einhard Stratos +Armed Form  +
Strike Cannon +Open Mode  +, Close Mode  +

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