Property Member of is of type page and indicates the allegiances of characters to particular organizations and societies.

Each faction and organization the character has been a member of throughout the series should be set as a property. Redundant property values should be avoided, e.g. if the character was a member of Riot Force 6, TSAB should not be added as a property value, as well.

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Verossa Acous +Time-Space Administrative Bureau  +
Agito +Special Duty Section 6  +, Air Armaments Service  +
Allex +Time-Space Administrative Bureau  +, Sailing Force  +, Arthra  +
Lutecia Alpine +Intermiddle Championship  +
Megane Alpine +Ground Armaments Service  +, Intermiddle Championship  +
Chantez Apinion +Saint Church  +, Intermiddle Championship  +
Mariel Atenza +Lost Property Riot Force 6  +, Time-Space Administrative Bureau  +
Thoma Avenir +Time-Space Administrative Bureau  +, Special Duty Section 6  +
Mira Barret +Frontier Nature Conservation Corps  +
Rinne Berlinetta +Frontier Gym  +
Lat Cartos +Time-Space Administrative Bureau  +, Battalion 108  +
Mikaya Chevelle +Intermiddle Championship  +, Nakajima Gym  +
Cinque +Number  +, Time-Space Administrative Bureau  +, N2R  +,
Fern Corrado +Fourth Ground Forces Academy  +, Aerial Tactical Instructor Corps  +
Midget Crowbel +Time-Space Administrative Bureau  +
Fabia Crozelg +Intermiddle Championship  +
Viktoria Dahlgrun +Intermiddle Championship  +, Frontier Gym  +
Deed +Number  +, Saint Church  +
Dieci +Number  +, Time-Space Administrative Bureau  +, N2R  +,
Digo +Vandein Corporation  +
Due +Number  +
Noah Earls +Time-Space Administrative Bureau  +
Serena Earls +Time-Space Administrative Bureau  +
Elsa Edix +Intermiddle Championship  +
Isis Egret +Special Duty Section 6  +

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