Property Magic system is of type text and indicates the magic system associated with mages, Devices, and spells. Normally, there should be only one value of this property per page.

Following values are allowed:

  • Midchilda
  • Ancient Belka
  • Modern Belka
  • Formula Eltria
    • Formula (movie)
  • Special
  • Special (IS)
  • Special (EC)
  • Nil (AEC Energy)
    • Nil (EM Force) (movie)

Pages using the property "Magic system"

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A.C.S Driver +Midchilda  +
Absorb Grip +Special  +
Absorption +Ancient Belka  +
Accel Smash +Modern Belka  +, Midchilda  +
Accelerator +Formula Eltria  +
Verossa Acous +Ancient Belka  +
Active Guard +Midchilda  +
Aerial Cannon +Special (IS)  +
Aerial Rave +Special (IS)  +
Aerial Shot +Special (IS)  +
Agito +Ancient Belka  +
Air Liner +Special (IS)  +
Alph +Midchilda  +
Lutecia Alpine +Modern Belka  +, Mid-Childa  +
Megane Alpine +Modern Belka  +
Anchor Gun +Midchilda  +
Ancient Matrix +Ancient Belka  +
Chantez Apinion +Midchilda  +
Arc Saber +Midchilda  +
Area Search +Midchilda  +
Armorize +Special (EC)  +
Armour Jacket +Special  +
Army-breaking Slash Annihilation +Ancient Belka  +
Arondight +Ancient Belka  +
Arresting Net +Midchilda  +

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