Property Handling type is of type text and indicates the handling type (Wearable, Weapon, or Auxiliary control) of the specific Device. Normally, there should be only one value of this property per page.

Pages using the property "Handling type"

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Agito +Auxiliary control  +
Anchor Gun +Weapon  +
Asclepius +Wearable  +
Asteion +Auxiliary control  +
Bardiche +Weapon  +
Blaue Trombe +Weapon  +
Blitz Caliber +Wearable  +
Book of Darkness +Auxiliary control  +
Book of the Azure Sky +Auxiliary control  +
Boomerang Blade +Weapon  +
Brunzel +Wearable  +, Weapon  +
Claw Glove +Wearable  +
Cross Mirage +Weapon  +
Divider-695 +Weapon  +
Divider-718 +Weapon  +
Divider-928 +Weapon  +
Divider-944 +Weapon  +
Divider-996 +Weapon  +
Divider-VC9 +Weapon  +
Divider-VC11 +Weapon  +
Divider-VG4 +Weapon  +
Durandal +Weapon  +
Enormous Cannon +Weapon  +
Fortress +Weapon  +
Foschia +Weapon  +

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