Property Gender is of type text and indicates the gender of characters and magical constructs, such as Devices. Normally, there should be only one value of this property per page.

Following values are allowed:

  • Female
  • Male
  • N/A (when gender is not clearly defined)

Pages using the property "Gender"

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Verossa Acous +Male  +
Agito +Female  +
Allex +Male  +
Alph +Female  +
Lutecia Alpine +Female  +
Megane Alpine +Female  +
Chantez Apinion +Female  +
Asteion +N/A  +
Mariel Atenza +Female  +
Thoma Avenir +Male  +
Bardiche +Male  +
Edelgard Barkas +Female  +
Mira Barret +Female  +
Dan Berlinetta +Male  +
Lorrie Berlinetta +Female  +
Rinne Berlinetta +Female  +
Roy Berlinetta +Male  +
Bible of Silver Cross +N/A  +
Blitz Caliber +Female  +
Book of Darkness +N/A  +
Brunzel +Female  +
Arisa Bunnings +Female  +
David Bunnings +Male  +
Jodie Bunnings +Female  +
Lyra Caprice +Female  +

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