"Allows value" is a predefined property that can define a list of permissible values to restrict value assignments for a property and is provided by Semantic MediaWiki. This property is pre-deployed (also known as special property) and comes with additional administrative privileges but can be used just like any other user-defined property.

Allows value is a system property of the SMW, used to define which property values are acceptable for a property. Read more about it here.

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Continuity +Original  +, Primary  +, Movie  +,
Gender +Female  +, Male  +, N/A  +
Handling type +Wearable  +, Weapon  +, Auxiliary control  +
Image issue +Resolution  +, Text  +, Blurry  +,
Location size +world  +, city  +, spaceship  +,
MCA +lightning  +, flame  +
Mage rank/Specification +Air  +, Ground  +, Synthetic  +,
Magic system +Mid-Childa  +, Ancient Belka  +, Modern Belka  +,
Medium +Anime series  +, Manga series  +, Sound Stage  +,
Spell category +Attack  +, Defense  +, Capture  +,
Spell type +Shooting  +, Bombardment  +, Melee  +,
World status +administrated  +, non-administrated  +, uninhabited  +,

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