Presea's Device
Presea's Device Movie 1st
The two main forms of Presea's Device
Device profile
MasterPresea Testarossa
Magic systemMidchilda
First app.Nanoha
Last app.Nanoha (ep.13)
Gears of Destiny (fragment)

Presea's Device is Presea Testarossa's Device.


The name of the Device is not mentioned in the series. In the INNOCENT adaptation, it is merely draft-named as "Presea's Staff/Whip".[1]


It mainly appears in the original series of Nanoha and The MOVIE 1st adaptation. In The Gears of Destiny, it also appears alongside the Dark Fragment of Presea.

Its design is altered slightly in The MOVIE 1st. For example, the grab of the whip form is silver instead of gold.


  • The presence of its standby form is unknown. Presea is seen summoning or activating the staff into her hand directly.[2]
  • Its active/usual form is a staff, which is used for firing ranged spells.
  • Its secondary form is a whip, used for physical attacks.
  • In The MOVIE 1st, it also assumes the form of a pointer stick.


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