Spell profile
Primary casterKurt Grendel
Magic systemSpecial (EC)
Japanese name遠隔取寄せ(アポート)
First app.Force (ch.27)

Port (遠隔取寄せ(アポート) Apōto, lit. "Remote Retrieval") is a unique teleportation ability used by Kurt Grendel to instantly transport anything he firmly believes to be his property to him. This extends not only to his material belongings, but also to people he considers his family, specifically, the Grendel family members.

Kurt uses this ability during the Grendels' attempted jailbreak from Special Duty Section 6's custody.

The trigger for this ability is "The world is in my hand" (「世界は俺の手の中に」 Sekai wa ore no te no naka ni). When using this ability to retrieve others' belongings for them, it changes to "The world is in thy hand" (「世界はお前の手の中に」 Sekai wa omae no te no naka ni).[1]


  1. ^ Spell description on the Japanese Nanoha wiki.

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