Plasma Pile
Spell profile
Primary casterVita
Magic systemSpecial (AEC)
TypeEnergy blade
Japanese nameプラズマパイル
(Purazuma Pairu)
First app.Force (ch.9)

Plasma Pile (プラズマパイル Purazuma Pairu) is the namesake plasma-jet booster attack with the plasma spike generated at the tip of War Hammer's Mode "Plasma Pile". It is effective in tackling the Divide effect.

For simplicity, it is classified as an energy blade attack as its nature is similar to melee attacks with mana blades generated by Devices.


In addition to the name of War Hammer's mode, Plasma Pile is also referred to like a spell name by a Wolfram crew in its first use and by Vita in its second use. However, it is not known whether there will be an official name for such attack.

Notable usesEdit

In Force (ch.9), Vita uses it to break the defense of Esquad Hückebein from upside. When Stella Irvine engages with the Esquad for recovery, Vita uses Plasma Pile again.