Plasma Discharger
Spell profile
Primary casterArnage of Hückebein
Magic systemSpecial (EC)
Japanese nameプラズマディスチャージャー
(Purazuma Disuchājā)
First app.Force (ch.19)

Plasma Discharger (プラズマディスチャージャー Purazuma Disuchājā) is the plasma cannon equipment used and hence name of attack cast by Arnage of Hückebein in Force.

Cast with the composition of Divider-718 Reacted "Plasma Cane", the Plasma Discharger cannon fires a stream of hot plasma to melt down the opponent.

Notable usesEdit

  • In Force (ch.19), Arnage casts Plasma Discharger to knock down Matti by the end of their battle.

One of Caro Ru Lushe's attack in Force has mistakenly adopted the same name in its first release, and is later renamed as Plasma Shot in the bound volume.


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