Photon Bullet
Presea's Photon Bullet in The MOVIE 1st
Spell profile
Primary casterPresea Testarossa
Lutecia Alpine
Magic systemMidchilda
TypeShooting (Aimed)
Japanese nameフォトンバレット
(Foton Baretto)
First app.Nanoha (ep.10)

Photon Bullet (フォトンバレット Foton Baretto) is a basic mana-shooting spell fired from the arm,[1] similar to another basic Midchildan shooting spell Shoot Barret which is fired the Device. It is probably the base spell of Photon Lancer.


The spell name has not been pronounced in the series. Note that in the earlier series, there is also a Midchildan language usage of "Barret" (バレット Baretto) over "Bullet" in spell names, e.g. Barret Power and Variable Barret. In such case, the spell name may be transliterated as "Photon Barret".

Notable usesEdit

  • In Nanoha (ep.10) and The MOVIE 1st, Presea Testarossa fires this spell from her palm to seriously injure Alph. Although it is only a basic attack spell, Presea greatly augments its power with external mana leeched from the Garden of Time reactor to overpower Alph's considerable defenses.[1]
  • In ViVid (ch.65), Lutecia Alpine uses this spell by charging her mana into a ball during a ball toss game with Vivio Takamachi. However, Vivio is able to catch her thrown ball.


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