Particle Attack
Spell profile
Other namesParticle Slash
Spouting Sword
Primary casterQuinn Garland
Cypha of Hückebein
Magic systemSpecial (EC)
Japanese name粒子攻撃
(Ryūshi Kōgeki)
First app.Force (ch.22)

Particle Attack (粒子攻撃 Ryūshi Kōgeki) is a shooting-like attack with energy particles. It can be widely applied in battles, and is used as a basic skill by most Eclipse Carriers who are into cross-range battles (due to not wielding gun-type Dividers).[1]

It is an attack at indefensible speed, hence invisible to the naked eye but visible to Eclipse Drivers under Energy Transition Mode sightings. Casters usually launch the attack from the tips of their swords, but Cypha of Hückebein's action trigger, as she is accustomed, can be simply a finger movement.


Particle Attack is the name used in the Magic Dictionary.[1] As commented by Cypha, such skill is commonly referred to as Particle Slash (粒子斬撃 Ryūshi Zangeki) or Spouting Sword (噴出剣 Funshutsu Ken).

Notable usesEdit


  • Snow White, a particle sword attack possessed by Curren Hückebein, is presumably an enhanced variation of the basic Particle Attack.


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