Vita defending against Arc Saber
Spell profile
Primary casterAncient Belkan system practitioners
Magic systemAncient Belka
Japanese nameパンツァーヒンダネス
(Pantsā Hindanesu)
First app.A's (ep.2)

Panzerhindernis (パンツァーヒンダネス Pantsā Hindanesu) is the basic Ancient Belkan barrier-type defensive spell, comparable to the Midchildan and Modern Belkan Protection.

In StrikerS and the portable continuity, the barrier's design is altered to align with Protection / Defenser Plus, probably for simplicity.


Panzerhindernis (or Panzer Hindernis) is German for "Armor Barrier" or "Tank Barrier".

Notable usesEdit

Note that the defensive spell cast by Signum in A's (ep.7) is Panzergeist, despite the same visual effect. In The MOVIE 2nd A's, when confronting Fate Testarossa, Signum also uses an unnamed barrier-shaped defence that looks the same as Defenser Plus in the movie. It is not known whether the spell is Panzerhindernis or again the concentrated arrangement of Panzergeist.

Besides, the similar unnamed defensive spell cast by Zafira and Reinforce in A's / The MOVIE 2nd A's is also different from Panzerhindernis.



Vita defends against Axel Shooter with the "complete defensive version"

Normally, the spell generates a dome-shaped barrier similar to Protection, but it also have a "complete defensive version" which, abandoning attacks or movements, defends in every direction with a polygonal barrier (c/w Midchildan Sphere Protection).


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