Oscillating Knuckle
Spell profile
Primary casterSubaru Nakajima
Magic systemSpecial (IS)
Japanese name振動拳
(Shindō Ken)
First app.StrikerS (ep.26)

Oscillating Knuckle (振動拳 Shindō Ken) is an attack used by Subaru Nakajima. It is an application of her Inherent Skill Oscillating Breaker through physical strikes delivered with Revolver Knuckle.[1]

Through continuous study of mana compression skill, the cooperation of Mach Caliber, and the Knuckle Spinner of Revolver Knuckle, Subaru can compress the "oscillating energy" from her IS into energy loops around her fist for a strike that promises "absolute destruction".

Notable usesEdit

  • Subaru casts it on The Saint's Cradle in StrikerS (ep.26) in order to break the walls under AMF condition.
  • In StrikerS (Sound Stage 04, track 22), Subaru also casts it during the training with Nanoha and successfully breaks her Protection barrier.


  1. ^ Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS episode 26 and DVD Vol.9 Booklet.

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