Mirage Hide
Mirage Hide being dispelled by Fate
Spell profile
Other namesCamouflage Illusion
Primary casterLiese twins
Chantez Apinion
Magic systemMidchilda
Japanese nameミラージュハイド
(Mirāju Haido)
First app.A's (ep.9)

Mirage Hide (ミラージュハイド Mirāju Haido) is a camouflaging spell under the Midchildan magic system. It functions well against scanning or investigation spells.

As depicted in A's, the spell may be a kind of optical force field, as one can see through the place where the caster hides.


In ViVid, Mirage Hide is literally referred to by Viktoria Dahlgrun as Camouflage Illusion (迷彩幻術(ミラージュハイド) Mirāju Haido).

Notable usesEdit


  1. ^ The illusion category is introduced in StrikerS. Applying it retrospectively, this spell will be classified as an illusive spell instead of merely supportive.

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