Mia Luca Linda
Mia, Luca and Linda (left to right)
Character profile
Japanese nameミア
First app.ViVid (ch.17)
Voiced byAsami Takano

Mia (ミア Mia) is a character introduced in ViVid, who is a classmate and also a "minion" of Head Buster Hallie Tribeca, alongside Linda and Luca.

To distinguish among the three, Mia is the tallest one with long hair.[1]

In ViVidEdit

Mia has excellent academic results at school, unlike Hallie, Linda and Luca.[2]


Although the magical abilities of Mia is not described in details, her Barrier Jacket is similar to Hallie's, as seen in the fight in Infinity Library and ViVid anime opening theme.


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