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Stern the Destructor
Stern in The Gears of Destiny
Character profile
Other namesMaterial-S
Dark Nanoha / Seikou (fans)
FamilyPurple Sky family
AffiliationSystem U-D
ColorPink (BoA)
Vermillion (GoD)
Japanese name星光の殲滅者(シュテル・ザ・デストラクター)
(Shuteru za Desutorakutā)
First app.Battle of Aces
Voiced byYukari Tamura

Material-S (マテリアルS Materiaru Esu) is one of the chief antagonists in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's Portable: The Battle of Aces, along with Material-L and Material-D.

She appears again in the sequel The Gears of Destiny, with her new full name, new magic color and new spells, which are then different from those of Nanoha Takamachi.[1]

Name and originsEdit

Material-S is a Material, part of the System U-D materialised as a clone of Nanoha Takamachi during the Dark Fragment Incident. She is thus known among fans as Dark Nanoha (闇のなのは Yami no Nanoha).

Her name is first introduced in The Battle of Aces in English Material-S and in Japanese "Exterminator of Starlight" (星光の殲滅者 Seikō no Senmetsusha). The "S" in her name is believed to stand for "Stars" or "Starlight", which are both associated with Nanoha.

In The Gears of Destiny, it is revealed her full name is Stern the Destructor (シュテル・ザ・デストラクター Shuteru za Desutorakutā, usually rubied as 星光の殲滅者(シュテル・ザ・デストラクター)), which may be shortened as Stern (シュテル Shuteru, also rubied as 星光(シュテル)). Stern is German for "Star".


Material-S looks like her original, Nanoha, except that her hair is brown rather than auburn, and cut much shorter. Her eyes are also bright blue rather than dark blue, and her pupils are always contracted, like the other two Materials. Her Device is named Luciferion and shaped like Raising Heart Exelion, but its primary color is red and its gem is purple. She is very polite and calm, but nevertheless extremely dangerous.

Alternate continuitiesEdit


Stern appears in both Battle of Aces and Gears of Destiny.

Brave DuelEdit

Stern Starks (シュテル・スタークス Shuteru Sutākusu), along Levi, Dearche and Yuri, is student studying abroad in Uminari City. Her main outfit consists of a regular gakuran, a dark purple jacket over a cream school sweatshirt and a white shirt with a pale purple tie. She wears a purple greyish miniskirt, and she wears middle-length white socks and the required brown shoes.

Owning the title "Stern the Destructor", she is an Industry-style duelist of Granz Observatory shop (Dark Materials team) and her primary avatar is Sacred type, with dark red (unnamed) color theme, specializing in fire. Her Brave Duel Device is Luciferion.


Material-S is one of the most powerful characters in the game, combining Nanoha's long range attack power with Vita's melee and Zafira's defense skills.

Barrier JacketEdit

As revealed in The Gears of Destiny Material Girls., Stern's protective clothing, presumably a Mid-Childan Barrier Jacket, is known as Heat Suit (殲滅服(ヒートスーツ) Hīto Sūtsu, lit. Exterminate Clothing).


In The Gears of Destiny, fiery effects are added to Stern's spells, matching her magic color and the spell names.

Spells in The Battle of Aces

Cross Range Long Range Long Range (Charged)
Attack/Basic[unnamed]Pyro Shooter
(パイロシューター Pairo Shūtā)[2]
Block/HighExterminate BoltBlast Fire
(ブラストファイアー Burasuto Faiā)
Catch/BindPyro BlastRubellite
LFDBLuciferion Breaker
(ルシフェリオンブレイカー Rushiferion Bureikā)
RGuardRound Shield---
Spells in The Gears of Destiny

Cross Range Long Range Long Range (Charged)
Attack/Basic[unnamed]Pyro Shooter
Block/HighExterminate Bolt (?)Blast FireDisaster Heat
Catch/BindPyro BlastRubellite
△△EX Attack[unnamed fiery upper]---
LFDBReal Luciferion Breaker---
RGuardRound Shield---



  1. ^ Comp Ace magazine, Feb-2011 issue.
  2. ^ Pyro is the Latinization of the Greek combining form (πυρο-) that means "fire".

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