Majesty of the Lord
Oh no Ikoh
Dearche counter-binding her opponent
Spell profile
Primary casterLord Dearche
Magic systemAncient Belka
Japanese name王の威光
(Ō no Ikō)
First app.Gears of Destiny

Majesty of the Lord (王の威光 Ō no Ikō) is a binding spell acquired by Lord Dearche upon her revival in The Gears of Destiny, which is not based on any existing spell then possessed by Hayate Yagami.

Reinforce comments that Dearche does not use such magic in the past (i.e. in The Battle of Aces), while Hayate comments that it is a distance-free high-speed bind.[1]

The notable command phrases used by Dearche include "Kneel down!" (跪け! Hizamazuke!) and "Prostrate!" (ひれ伏せ! Hirefuse!)

Notable usesEdit

  • Dearche first casts it to bind Hayate, Reinforce and Kyrie Florian in the scenario of The Gears of Destiny, although the spell name is not mentioned.[1]
  • In The Gears of Destiny gameplay, it is adapted as Dearche's counter-binding spell in both cross range (after blocking with Panzerhindernis) and long range (after absorbing the incoming attack/bind with the Tome of the Purple Sky). For game visual effects, a magic wave will be sent from the Tome to bind the opponent.


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