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Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid
Manga series
AuthorMasaki Tsuzuki
IllustratorTakuya Fujima
MagazineComp Ace
PublisherKadokawa Shoten
Original runMay 26, 2009 – ongoing
Chapters72+ (chapter list)

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid (魔法少女リリカルなのはViVid Mahō Shōjo Ririkaru Nanoha Vividdo) is a manga that takes place four years after Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS, and follows the adventures of Vivio Takamachi. As Vivio enters the fourth grade, she receives her own Device, Sacred Heart, and simultaneously becomes a target of a mysterious fighter claiming the name of an ancient Belkan ruler, Heidi E. S. Ingvalt. ViVid is chronologically fifth entry in the main Nanoha continuity.

The anime adaptation of the manga was announced in August 2014.[1] Refer to the anime page for more details.


Each chapter title is fully styled as "Memory;0X「Title」".

01"Sacred Heart" (セイクリッド・ハート Seikuriddo Hāto)26 May 2009
02"Many Things Happened In The Past" (昔はいろいろありました Mukashi wa Iroiro Arimashita)26 June 2009
03"Strike Arts" (ストライク・アーツ Sutoraiku Ātsu)25 July 2009
04"Hegemon"26 August 2009
05"Einhard Stratos" (アインハルト・ストラトス Ainharuto Sutoratosu)26 September 2009
06"True Feelings" (本当の気持ち Hontō no Kimochi)26 October 2009
07"Nice To Meet You" (はじめまして Hajimemashite)26 November 2009
08"Brand New Stage" (ブランニュー・ステージ Burannyū Sutēji)26 December 2009
09"Even If It's Just Walking Together For A Bit" (少しだけ、一緒に歩けたら Sukoshi Dake, Isshoni Aruketara)26 January 2010
10"Desired Strength" (望んだ強さ Nozomunda Tsuyosa)26 February 2010
11"Surprise Attack" (サプライズ・アタック Sapuraizu Atakku)26 March 2010
12"The Match Begins!" (試合開始! Shiai Kaishi!)26 April 2010
13"Match-up Duel" (マッチアップ・デュエル Macchiappu Dyueru)26 May 2010
14"Unchain Knuckle" (繋がれぬ拳(アンチェイン・ナックル) Anchein Nakkuru)26 June 2010
15"Finish Blow!"26 July 2010
16"Inter-Middle" (インターミドル Intāmidoru)26 August 2010
17"Participation Request!" (参加申請! Sanka Shinsei!)25 September 2010
18"Rival!" (ライバル! Raibaru!)26 October 2010
19"Asteion" (アスティオン Asution)26 November 2010
19.5"Feelings of the Knight of the Iron Hammer" (鉄槌の騎士、想う Tettsui no Kishi, Omō)30 November 2010
20"Secret Special Training!"25 December 2010
21"Selection Meeting!" (選考会! Senkou Kai!)26 January 2011
22"Top Fighter!" (トップファイター! Toppu Faitā!)26 February 2011
23"Preliminary Round Begins!" (予選開始! Yosen Kaishi!)23 March 2011
24"Backsword-Drawing Art!" (抜刀居合! Battō Iai!)26 April 2011
25"Starry Sword!" (星の剣! Hoshi no Ken!)26 May 2011
26"Prime Match!" (プライムマッチ! Puraimu Macchi!)26 June 2011
27"To Victory!" (勝利のために! Shōri no tame ni!)26 July 2011
28"Meist Arts!" (マイストアーツ! Maisuto Ātsu!)26 August 2011
29"Nephilim Fist!"26 September 2011
30"Fist of the Hegemon, Desire of the Creator"26 October 2011
31"Sword Maestro vs. Thunder Emperor"26 November 2011
32"Preliminary Set 4, Round 3!" (予選4組3回戦! Yosen 4-kumi 3-kaisen!)26 December 2011
33"Instant Defense" (瞬間の防御 Shunkan no Bōgyo)26 January 2012
34"Strike Arts Contender!"25 February 2012
35"Certain Hit vs. Certain Loss" (必中VS必墜)26 March 2012
36"Power of Dream" (パワー・オブ・ドリーム Pawā obu Dorīmu)26 April 2012
37"Red Hawk" (レッドホーク Reddo Hōku)26 May 2012
38"Goal of Passion"26 June 2012
39"Not Yesterday, Not Today" (昨日よりも、今日よりも Kinō Yorimo, Kyou Yorimo)26 July 2012
40"Round 4, Prime Match" (四回戦プライムマッチ Shi Kaisen Puraimu Macchi)25 August 2012
41"Strong Arms" (鉄腕 Tetsuwan)26 September 2012
42"Binding Chains" (縛鎖)26 October 2012
43"Voice" ( Koe)26 November 2012
44"Quintessence" (神髄 Shinzui)26 December 2012
45"Encounter of the Descendants" (末裔たちの邂逅 Matsuei-tachi no Kaigō)26 January 2013
46"Memorial of Reminiscence"26 February 2013
47"Infinity Library" (無限書庫 Mugenshoko)26 March 2013
48"Witch's Flask"26 April 2013
49"Witch's Wish" (魔女の願い Majo no Negai)25 May 2013
50"Witch's Cauldron"26 June 2013
51"Witch's Memories"26 July 2013
52"Jeremiah's Memoirs" (エレミアの手記 Eremia no Shuki)26 August 2013
53"A Memory of Peace"26 September 2013
54"King of the Throne" (玉座の王 Gyokuza no Ō)26 October 2013
55"End of an Era"26 November 2013
56"One Step from the Past"26 December 2013
57"For the Sake of Tomorrow" (明日のために Ashita no Tame ni)25 January 2014
58"The Fourth Time" (四度目 Shidome)26 February 2014
59"All or Nothing"25 March 2014
60"Power to Shoot Out"26 April 2014
61"The Color of the Sky and the World" (空と世界の色 Sora to Sekai no Iro)26 May 2014
62"From Today to Tomorrow" (今日から明日へ Kyō kara Ashita e)26 June 2014
63"Re:START" (Re:START)26 July 2014
64"School Life" (スクールライフ Sukūru Raifu)26 August 2014
65"School Festival!"26 September 2014
66"Next Tour!"25 October 2014
67"Burning Drive" (バーニング・ドライブ Bāningu Doraibu)26 November 2014
68"Dojo of the Spring Sunlight Fist" (春光拳道場 Shunkōken Dōjō)26 December 2014
69"Yen & Xue!" (イェン&シュエ! Yen & Shue!)26 January 2015
70"Secret Map"26 February 2015
71"Rush In! Triple Rock Cavern!"26 March 2015
72"Training Challenge!" (鍛錬課題! Tanren Kadai!)25 April 2015

Bound volumesEdit

The following bound volumes have been released so far:[2]

  • Volume 1 contains chapters 01 through 07.
  • Volume 2 contains chapters 08 through 12.
  • Volume 3 contains chapters 13 through 17.
  • Volume 4 contains chapters 18 through 22, except chapter 19.5 (chapter ex).
  • Volume 5 contains chapters 23 through 27 and also chapter 19.5 (chapter ex).
  • Volume 6 contains chapters 28 through 32.
  • Volume 7 contains chapters 33 through 37.
  • Volume 8 contains chapters 38 through 42.
  • Volume 9 contains chapters 43 through 47.
  • Volume 10 contains chapters 48 through 52.
  • Volume 11 contains chapters 53 through 57.

A fully colored version of the tankōbon, titled Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid FULL COLORS, is also being released.

Supplemental materialsEdit

Character File / ViVid ColorEdit

Character File is a set of illustrations that appeared in the CompAce magazine supplementary to recent ViVid chapters. So far, character file 001 to 014 are also published, together with some other artworks, as ViVid Color Vol. 1 and 2, being limited gift booklets of bound volume 3 and 4 respectively.

ViVid LIFEEdit

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid LIFE, formerly known as Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid COLORS, is a series of four-panel comic strips (yonkoma) comedies illustrated by Nekotoufu on the Comptic Magazine and Nano Ace. Its bound volume was released on July 10, 2012.

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