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Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha BetrayerS
Manga series
AuthorKiseki Himura
IllustratorKiseki Himura
Original runAugust 17, 2008 – ongoing
Chapters1 (chapter list)

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha BetrayerS (魔法少女リリカルなのはベトレイヤース Mahō Shōjo Ririkaru Nanoha Betoreiyāsu) is one of the most notorious doujinshi set in the Nanoha universe. Written and drawn by Kiseki Himura, the manga takes a sharp turn away from the optimistic tone of the original series, pitting their protagonists against each other in a complex and bloody conflict over the leadership of the Time-Space Administration Bureau and its administrated worlds.

Only one chapter of BetrayerS has been released so far,[1] but the next chapter "is NOT coming soon", according to Himura.[2] The first chapter is available in English.[3]


The manga takes place approximately three years after StrikerS (0078) in an alternate timeline.[4] Its point of divergence can be placed approximately in the year 0070 of the New Calendar, when mass-based weapons started proliferating on Mid-Childa in violation of the Bureau's laws (nothing of the like happened in the original Nanoha continuity).[5] It is therefore assumed that the Jewel Seed Incident and the Book of Darkness Incident took place like in the primary continuity. Likewise, the JS Incident seems to have taken the same course.[6]

When the mages proved themselves unable to protect the public from mass weaponry, the outcry caused TSAB to consider using mass weapons themselves and even employ Combat Cyborgs as living shields for mages and regular humans.[5] However, these plans ultimately went nowhere until in 0077, Major Genya Nakajima was killed in a gunfight.[7] By the end of that year, the anti-mass weapon law was rescinded and, on the same day, a group of TSAB officers pulled a coup d'état to take over the Bureau's main office, met with public support. The coup was led by Hayate Yagami, and other conspirators included Nanoha Takamachi, Signum, Vita, and Teana Lanster.

After the coup, Hayate recalled Gil Graham back into service as head of the provisional High Council. Jail Scaglietti was paroled to take advantage of his vast know-how in creating Combat Cyborgs. Simultaneously, however, a group of ex-Riot Force 6 mages led by Fate Testarossa, refusing to accept the legitimacy of the new High Council, fled Mid-Childa and were labeled "rebels". To eliminate them, the new Council authorized creation of a Combat Cyborg division armed with mass weapons and led personally by Hayate Yagami. It was christened "Battalion 108" or "Yagami Ordnance Brigade"; the "rebel" mages called them "Betrayers".

Around the time of or just before the coup, an entire fleet of TSAB warships commanded by Chrono Harlaown (and apparently carrying Vivio Takamachi) disappeared and was believed to have been destroyed in a teleportation accident.[8] The Saint Church remained neutral in the conflict between the "rebel" mages and the new High Council for a time.


01"Betrayers"August 17, 2008
The chapter opens with Signum reporting to the new High Council on the recent losses among TSAB officers. The Council is split over the decision to use mass weapons and Combat Cyborgs but is interrupted by Hayate Yagami's transmission that her experimental division is about to engage the rebel forces in combat on an unspecified world. The battle quickly turns in Hayate's favor, and a group of wounded aerial mages make a suicide charge against the cyborgs. Fate tries to join them but is stopped by Caro and Erio and orders general retreat instead. At that moment, however, Nanoha enters the battle and launches a barrage at the rebels. Five aerial mages break through to Hayate's HQ and she authorizes deadly force against them. Back in her tent, she converses with Scaglietti, who muses how magic has become unreliable and outdated, which is why he was freed from prison. She then returns to the battle, thinking about how she is certainly going to hell for forcing Nanoha into this.

Back on the battlefield, Nanoha attacks Fate, who demands to know why she does it. She suspects that Vivio or Yuuno were taken hostage to secure Nanoha's cooperation and insists that if so, she (Fate) may be able to help her somehow, but Nanoha replies, with a smile, that she did everything of her own will. Hearing this, Fate tells Nanoha to say no more, declaring that she'll have plenty of time to speak for her actions after she defeats her. Eventually, Nanoha restrains Fate with a Bind spell but decides not to proceed, much to the latter's relief. However, she is immediately attacked by Friedrich, Erio, and Subaru in a rapid succession but deflects all attacks, ranking each one as if during training. Subaru attacks again and manages to get behind Nanoha, firing a Divine Buster at close range, but the newly-arrived Vita stops it. Vita berates Nanoha and Raising Heart for over-straining themselves and convinces Subaru and other mages to retreat, cryptically commenting that they will have a guest soon.

Meanwhile, the new High Council is in a state of panic, as the video footage of the battle is being transmitted across the multiverse by the rebels and the Saint Church. Simultaneously, Chrono's fleet arrives above the battlefield to reinforce the rebels. With Carim Gracia at his side, Chrono announces that following the coup and the new Council's usage of mass weapons and Combat Cyborgs, his fleet and the Saint Church decided to sever all ties with the current TSAB leadership. Instead, they announce the establishment of their own administration, the "Saint Church Confederation", which is almost immediately joined by multiple worlds and individual TSAB units. At the TSAB HQ, Gil Graham realizes that all of this was planned by Hayate from day one.

At the battlefield, Signum tells Agito that the preliminary stage of the plan to "divide the world in two factions" is complete. Agito doesn't like it, primarily because the "Betrayers" are taking upon themselves the worst roles in said plan. In the skies, Chrono tells Carim to prepare for the next step, the "coronation ceremony". Carim is against it, because it will make Vivio universally hated, but Vivio herself interrupts them and says that "Mama" told her to make her own decisions, so they can as well start addressing her "Your Majesty".



  • Agito. Apparently followed Signum into the coup.[9]
  • Gil Graham. Head of the new TSAB High Council.
  • Teana Lanster (19). Presumably, Gil Graham's aide.[10]
  • Griffith Lowran. Hayate's aide-de-camp.
  • Reinforce Zwei. Apparently followed Hayate into the coup.[11]
  • Jail Scaglietti. Head of the Combat Cyborg program.
  • Shamal (35). Apparently followed Hayate into the coup. Monitors Nanoha's health.[12]
  • Signum (32). Apparently followed Hayate into the coup.
  • Nanoha Takamachi (22). Member of the coup forces. Vita mentions that due to overstraining herself, Nanoha vomits blood every morning and may lose her ability to fly forever.[12]
  • Vita (21). Apparently followed Hayate into the coup.
  • Hayate Yagami (22). Leader of the coup d'etat. Leader of the new Battalion 108. Supposed mastermind behind the whole crisis.


Saint Church ConfederationEdit





  • Cranagan, Mid-Childa
  • Unspecified world where the first battle takes place. It is not Mid-Childa,[15] and it is apparently a lot colder.[9]


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