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Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's Portable:
The Gears of Destiny
Gears of Destiny
Video game
DeveloperWitch Craft
WriterMasaki Tsuzuki
Genre3D fighting
PlatformsPlayStation Portable
ReleasedDecember 22, 2011

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's Portable: The Gears of Destiny (魔法少女リリカルなのはA's PORTABLE -THE GEARS OF DESTINY-) is the sequel to Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's Portable: The Battle of Aces. It was released on December 22, 2011.


The story of The Gears of Destiny starts around 3 months after the "Dark Fragments Incident" in The Battle of Aces.

Prologue Edit

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Amita and Kyrie during Prologue

Amita Flourian is a child and is living with her younger sister Kyrie and their father Doctor Grantz Florian in a small house on Eltoria. Doctor is constantly busy researching and working on a solution to save their world. Amita is learning so she can help Doctor when she grows up. Kyrie is dissatisfied with the state of things since she wants Doctor to play with her more often. Amita promises her that when they get bigger they will be able to accompany Doctor on his research trips. Both girls agree they will compete to grow up faster.

Amita's closing naration says they continued to be happy and she thinks things will continue to be same forever.

Stage 1 Edit

Battle 1A - Amita vs Kyrie Edit

The first stage opens with a cut scene where Amita catches up to Kyrie in the skies above Earth. Amita is there to stop her before she in her words "does something stupid" and to take her back home where Professor is waiting on them. Kyrie claims Amita has no right to order her around since she was born just a bit before her. Amita reserves herself to bring her younger sister home at any cost, and Kyrie replies that she would have to subdue her by force and she is free to try.

They fight and at Amita wins, but both of them seem to be equally winded by the end of it. Unfortunatelly for Amita, Kyrie used the fight to strike her with her special Virus bullet (ウイルス(バレっト) virusu baretto) which is supposed to paralyze Amita so she can not intervene until Kyrie is done. She would have prefered to break Amita, but since that would make Doctor sad, she only paralyzed her. Kyrie says her goodbyes and flees. Amita muses that she would be able to get better if she could find a healer or the antiviral agent.

Battle 2A Amita vs Yuuno or Battle 2B Amita vs Arf Edit

The player is given choice weather they want to fight Yuuno or Alph as Amita. In both cases after greeting them, Amita pulls her guns on them and demands if they know healing arts (治癒術) and/or can give her the the antiviral agent for AC 93 system (AC93 系の抗ウイルス剤). Yuuno wants to help her as soon as he figures out she is in trouble, while Alph is less willing to put up with Amita's behavior, probably not helped by the fact that Amita wasn't certain if Alph was a dog person or dog whose owner dressed her up in people's clothes. In any case since neither fulfills her request then and there (Yuuno was willing but she attacked anyway) she attacks.

After Amita wins the fight, she remarked that the spread of the virus has accelerated because she moved around so much while fighting, after which she faints and falls from the skies. Yuuno/Arf are suprised by this development and are then contacted by Nanoha/Fate. Nanoha wants Yuuno to come and see the fosil she found, while Fate has found a picnic location and wants Arf to come. Yuuno/Arf both inform the Nanoha/Fate of what happened (Nanoha gets a bit overprotective and states she will be right there) and state that they want to help the fallen girl. Nanoha/Fate agree to help. At this point they receive a call from Shamal, who is on Artha and apologies for disturbing their down time, stating that a strange reaction/reading (ヘンな反応) has been spotted near them. They debate it and Shamal explains and they come to the conclusion that it could be an unknown mana manipulation technique (魔力運用技術) used by a visitor from another world. Which is why an investigator from the Armed Forces was dispatched and Shamal asks them to cooperate with her and they agree.



Different rare costumes can be unlocked by earning "lyrical points" and inheriting save data of The Battle of Aces:

  • Lounge wear
  • Swimming suit
  • Namco collaboration costume

The following are available only by entering (merchandise) product codes with authentication:

Supplemental materialsEdit


See Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's Portable: The Gears of Destiny: Material Girls. for details.

Sound StagesEdit

  • Sound Stage M (Megami Magazine) "From the sky in Eltria": Story about Nanoha and Fate of the movie continuity dimension-travelling to Eltria.
  • Sound Stage A (Animedia Magazine) "Under the night sky of Midchilda": Story about Materials time-travelling to 0080's Midchilda, being four years after StrikerS, where they meet Nanoha and others again.


As the story of the game is related to time and space, characters from other series at different time-points are also playable. Known playable characters include:

Unplayable characters:

  • Unison Hayate Yagami
  • Amitie Florian (With Kyrie Florian's Variant Zapper)
  • "Load" Dearche Trinity Form
  • Unbreakable Dark (With Examia's power)


Most of the additional settings introduced in The Gears of Destiny, especially those related to Eltria and the Florian sisters, are considered to be based off and crediting to Wild Arms ("WA") game series, as the game's producer Akifumi Kaneko is also the producer/game designer of WA series. Below is a list of certain references between the two games:

In The Gears of Destiny In Wild Arms series
Eltria (slowly destroying world) Fargaia
Formula Eltria Arnaud Vasquez's Formula magic system
Lock On Clive Winslett's Lock On
Accelerator Accelerator
Vulcan Raid Jude Maverick's Gatling Raid (gun attack)
Finest Cannon Dean Stark's Finest Arts (twin gun attack)
Hyperion Smasher Fairylights' Hyperion Blaster

External linksEdit

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