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Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's Portable:
The Battle of Aces
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Video game
DeveloperWitch Craft
WriterMasaki Tsuzuki
Genre3D fighting
PlatformsPlayStation Portable
ReleasedJanuary 21, 2010

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's Portable: The Battle of Aces is a 3D fighting video game written by Masaki Tsuzuki, developed by studio Witch Craft, and published by Bandai Namco on January 21, 2010. The game is set in the Nanoha universe and continues the storyline of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's, albeit in an alternate continuity where Reinforce is given another chance to live on Earth. The age rating for this game is a Canadian equivalent of E10, due to mild violence and zero gore.


After the final Book of Darkness crisis, Nanoha Takamachi and Fate Testarossa refuse to send Reinforce away to ensure that the Book's regeneration program won't harm anyone again. However, this means that the remains of the Book of Darkness (闇の書の残滓 Yami no Sho no zansai) soon return and Nanoha and her friends are forced to fight them. These remnants take form of twisted, dark copies of real people called "dark fragments" (闇の欠片 yami no kakera). In addition to Nanoha, Fate, and Hayate's own dark copies, they soon have to face the three much more powerful and dangerous clones of themselves known as "Material", as well. Every playable character must face and defeat the clones of their own friends to advance their storylines.

All of the playable characters except the Materials have their own different story route in the game. Every route has the same basic structure: the player must first pass a training session, then defeat the dark clones of two of their best friends, defeat one Material boss, defeat the clones of two more friends, then lastly defeat a Material boss version of themselves.


The player controls one of the playable characters in real time battles throughout the game. The controls change depending on the distance between the opponents. Fighting at long range, Shooting, Bombardment, and Capture spells are used, whereas at close range, the combatants attack each other physically.


PSP Button Function at long range Function at close range
Square (■) Basic Projectile: The character uses basic attack that is weaker than a High Projectile, but requires less time to charge up by holding the button. Attack: Hits the opponent with a melee attack. Can be followed up by a melee combo by pressing additional buttons for extra damage.
Triangle (▲) High Projectile: The character uses a stronger attack than a Basic Projectile, which requires more time to charge up for full power. Block: Puts up a basic barrier that causes a counter if hit.
Circle (●) Bind Type Spell: Casts a Binding spell on the target. Once hit, the spell temporarily immobilizes the target, allowing the caster to hit the opponent with more damaging spells if the opportunity arises. Can be dodged or broken out of using Full Drive. Catch: A short range attack that cannot be blocked or countered.
Cross (☓) Dash Step: The character quickly moves a short distance in one direction. Can only be used a limited number of times in succession. The exact amount of uses varies from character to character.
Left shoulder button (L) Activate Full Drive/Special Move: Initially, activates the Full Drive Mode, which heals the character, gives them unlimited dash and magic energy, and makes their attacks deal more damage. Pressing L in Full Drive Mode activates the character's Special Move or "Full Drive Burst", which has the character use a short-range melee attack that, if connects, leads into a stronger spell. For most characters, Full Drive can only be activated twice per round, although some may use it thrice.
Right shoulder button (R) Shield: Blocks all incoming attacks with the exception of binding spells. A small amount of energy will be consumed when an attack hits the barrier. Putting up a barrier right before an attack hits, however, will activate an "EX Guard" and restore some magic energy instead.


Each playable character in the game has two unremovable default skills that give them various bonuses in combat. After completing a character's storyline, their skills can be added to other characters' profiles (up to four total skills per non-Material character). However, each extra skill will reduce the character's health bar by 25%. The three Material characters each have six default skills: the default two of each character that had to have had their story completed to unlock the respective Material.

Skill Effects Primary user Secondary user
Auto Guard Barrier is cast automatically but is more likely to be broken. Zafira Material-S
Axel Loader When emptied, the Axel Dash Bar reloads quicker. Fate Material-L
Axel Stock Plus The Axel Dash Bar (how many times Dash Step can be used in a row) is increased by one. Fate Material-L
Close Range Defense The damage taken from close range attacks is decreased by 25%. Zafira Material-S
Close Range Power All close range (melee) attacks deal 25% more damage. Vita Material-S
Combo Power The chance to chain a combo is increased by 50%. Damage to guarding spells is increased by 25%. Signum Material-L
Drive EX (critical) In Full Drive Mode, all attacks deal more damage. Chrono Material-L
Drive EX (long) The Full Drive Mode duration is increased by 2.5 seconds. Chrono Material-L
Drive Loader The Full Drive Cartridge Bar is automatically restored to 2 after each battle. Shamal Material-D
Drive Stock Plus The Full Drive Cartridge Bar (how many times Full Drive can be activated per round) is increased by one. Reinforce Material-D
Healing Health points are automatically restored when they fall to critical levels or when a Barrier spell is cast. Shamal Material-D
Long Range Defense The damage taken from long range attacks is decreased by 25%. Signum Material-L
Long Range Power Depending on the distance, all long range attacks deal 25% to 50% more damage. Nanoha Material-S
MP Cutdown Each successful hit drains the opponent's mana by 5%. Hayate Material-D
MP Gain Each successful hit restores own mana. The total mana pool is increased by 25%. Reinforce Material-D
MP Guard The opponent's MP Cut skill is negated. Nanoha Material-S
MP Loader The Full Drive gauge is refilled 25% faster than normal. Hayate Material-D
Shield Breaker The chance to break the opponent's Barrier is increased by 25%. Vita Material-S


There are nine playable characters in the game, each with their own story route.

The three Materials must be unlocked by clearing the story modes of their three "component" characters with all the Warning battles and can only be used in player vs. computer game modes.

  • To unlock Material-S as a playable character, complete Nanoha, Vita, and Zafira's story routes.
  • To unlock Material-L, complete Fate, Signum, and Chrono's routes.
  • To unlock Material-D, complete Hayate, Shamal, and Reinforce's routes.

Unison Reinforce is a variant of Reinforce which is only playable in the final battle of her story mode.

Name Status Device Skills Full Drive Burst
Nanoha Takamachi Playable Raising Heart Exelion Long Range Power
MP Guard
Axel Shooter Divine Buster Restrict Lock Starlight Breaker
Fate Testarossa Playable Bardiche Assault Axel Stock Plus
Axel Loader
Plasma Lancer Haken Saber Thunder Rage Jet Zanber
Hayate Yagami Playable Schwertkreuz
Tome of the Night Sky
MP Cutdown
MP Load
Brionac Balmung Claiomh Solais Ragnarok
Signum Playable Laevatein Combo Power
Long Range Defense
Sky Fang Flying Dragon Flash Schlangebeißen Sturmfalken
Vita Playable Graf Eisen Shield Breaker
Close Range Power
Schwalbefliegen Tödlichschlag Raketenhammer Gigantschlag
Shamal Playable Klarwind Healing
Drive Loader
Wind Shackles Wind Shield Mirror of Travels Linker Core Removal
Zafira Playable none Auto Guard
Close Range Defense
Protecting Fist Iron-clad Stance Running Beast Fang Steel Yoke
Chrono Harlaown Playable S2U
Drive EX (critical)
Drive EX (long)
Stinger Ray Delayed Bind Struggle Bind Eternal Coffin
Reinforce Playable none Normal:
MP Gain
Drive Stock Plus

Unison Reinforce:
Bloody Dagger Nightmare Seal Bind Thunder of the Night Sky
Material-S Secret Luciferion Long Range Power
MP Guard
Shield Breaker
Close Range Power
Auto Guard
Close Range Defense
Pyro Shooter Blast Fire Rubellite Luciferion Breaker
Material-L Secret Vulnificus Axel Stock Plus
Axel Loader
Combo Power
Long Range Defense
Drive EX (critical)
Drive EX (long)
Lightning Blade Tip Light Wing Decapitation Divine Thunder Hammer Lightning Blade Decapitation
Material-D Secret Yersinia Kreuz MP Cutdown
MP Load
MP Gain
Drive Stock Plus
Drive Loader
Yersinia Dagger Doom Bringer Arondight Excalibur

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