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Magic color (魔導色 Madōshoku)[1] refers to the default color of the magical energy aura (魔力光 maryoku hikari) released by a mage.[2] It is most commonly seen in the magic circles, but also in spells, projectiles and barriers etc.

Known magic colorsEdit

Although some characters (e.g. Combat Cyborgs and Eclipse Drivers) do not use magic per se, their energy colors are also included in the list below.
Mage/KnightMagic systemMagic color
Verossa AcousAncient BelkaGreen
AgitoAncient BelkaPurple
Lutecia AlpineModern Belka
Bluish purple
Chantez ApinionMidchildaRed
Thoma AvenirMid-Childa
Special (EC)
Rinne BerlinettaMidchildaRed
Mikaya ChevelleModern BelkaIndigo
Light blue
CinqueSpecial (IS)Yellow
Fabia CrozelgAncient BelkaLight purple
Viktoria DahlgrunAncient BelkaBlue
Light yellow
DeedSpecial (IS)Raspberry red
DieciSpecial (IS)Orange
DueSpecial (IS)Green
Yuri EberweinAncient BelkaBlack
Isis EgretSpecial
Sieglinde EremiahAncient BelkaPurple
Amitie FlorianFormula EltriaDark pink
Kyrie FlorianFormula EltriaPale blue
Janice GoatPink
Carim GraciaAncient BelkaGolden
Zest GrangeitzAncient BelkaYellow orange
Vice GranscenicMid-ChildaBlue green
Chrono HarlaownMid-ChildaLight blue
Lindy HarlaownMidchildaMint green
Cypha of HückebeinSpecial (EC)Light brown
DeVille of HückebeinSpecial (EC)Light Blue
Claus IngvaltAncient BelkaSilvery green
IrisFormula EltriaLight red
Stella IrvineSpecial (EC)Pink
IxveriaAncient BelkaOrange
Teana LansterMid-ChildaOrange
Aria LieseMidchildaNavy blue
Lotte LieseMidchildaNavy blue
Lily-StrosekSpecial (EC)Turquoise
Material-DAncient BelkaBlack
Material-LMidchildaAqua blue
Erio MondialModern BelkaYellow
NachtWalAncient BelkaPurplish black
Ginga NakajimaModern BelkaIndigo violet
Subaru NakajimaModern Belka
Special (IS)
Light blue
Schach NoueraModern BelkaOrange
NoveSpecial (IS)Yellow
OttoSpecial (IS)Green
QuattroSpecial (IS)Yellow green
ReinforceAncient BelkaPurplish black
White (in A's ep.13)
Reinforce ZweiAncient BelkaWhite
Fuka ReventonModern BelkaBlue
Miura RinaldiMidchildaLight red (manga)
Pink (anime)
Caro Ru LusheMid-ChildaPink
RynithMid-ChildaLight yellow
Olivie SägebrechtAncient BelkaKaiserfarbe
Jail ScagliettiSpecialRed
Yuuno ScryaMidchildaGreen
SeinSpecial (IS)Cyan
SetteSpecial (IS)Pink
ShamalAncient BelkaCeladon
SignumAncient BelkaPurple
Einhard StratosAncient BelkaSilvery green
Nanoha TakamachiMidchildaPink
Els TasminMidchildaRed
Carrie TercelYellow
Fate TestarossaMid-ChildaGolden
Presea TestarossaMidchildaPurple
Corona TimilMidchildaYellow
TreSpecial (IS)Violet
Harry TribecaMidchildaOrange red
VitaAncient BelkaRed
Modern Belka
WendiSpecial (IS)Light magenta
Rio WesleyModern BelkaRed
Hayate YagamiAncient BelkaWhite
ZafiraAncient BelkaIndigo white


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