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Magic color (魔導色 Madōshoku)[1] refers to the default color of the magical energy aura (魔力光 maryoku hikari) released by a mage.[2] It is most commonly seen in the magic circles, but also in spells, projectiles and barriers etc.

Known magic colorsEdit

Although some characters (e.g. Combat Cyborgs and Eclipse Drivers) do not use magic per se, their energy colors are also included in the list below.
Mage/Knight Magic system Magic color
Verossa Acous Ancient Belka Green
Agito Ancient Belka Purple
Alph Mid-Childa Orange
Lutecia Alpine Modern Belka
Bluish purple
Chantez Apinion Mid-Childa Red
Thoma Avenir Mid-Childa
Special (EC)
Rinne Berlinetta Midchilda Red
Mikaya Chevelle Modern Belka Indigo
Cinque Special (IS) Yellow
Viktoria Dahlgrun Ancient Belka Blue
Deed Special (IS) Raspberry red
Dieci Special (IS) Orange
Due Special (IS) Green
Yuri Eberwein Ancient Belka Black
Isis Egret Mid-Childa
Amitie Florian Formula Eltria Pink
Kyrie Florian Formula Eltria Blue
Carim Gracia Ancient Belka Golden
Zest Grangeitz Ancient Belka Yellow orange
Vice Granscenic Mid-Childa Blue green
Chrono Harlaown Mid-Childa Light blue
Lindy Harlaown Mid-Childa Mint green
Cypha of Hückebein Special (EC) Light brown
Claus Ingvalt Ancient Belka Silvery green
Stella Irvine Special (EC) Pink
Teana Lanster Mid-Childa Orange
Aria Liese Mid-Childa Navy blue
Lotte Liese Mid-Childa Navy blue
Lily-Strosek Special (EC) Turquoise
Material-D Ancient Belka Black
Material-L Mid-Childa Aqua blue
Material-S Mid-Childa Vermillion
Erio Mondial Modern Belka Yellow
Ginga Nakajima Modern Belka Indigo violet
Subaru Nakajima Modern Belka
Special (IS)
Light blue
Schach Nouera Modern Belka Orange
Nove Special (IS)
Modern Belka
Otto Special (IS) Green
Quattro Special (IS) Yellow green
Reinforce Ancient Belka Purplish black
White (in A's ep.13)
Reinforce Zwei Ancient Belka White
Fuka Reventon Modern Belka Blue
Miura Rinaldi Midchilda Light red
Caro Ru Lushe Mid-Childa Pink
Rynith Mid-Childa Light yellow
Olivie Sägebrecht Ancient Belka Kaiserfarbe
Jail Scaglietti Special Red
Yuuno Scrya Mid-Childa Green
Sein Special (IS) Cyan
Sette Special (IS) Pink
Shamal Ancient Belka Celadon
Signum Ancient Belka Purple
Einhard Stratos Ancient Belka Silvery green
Nanoha Takamachi Mid-Childa Pink
Els Tasmin Mid-Childa Red
Fate Testarossa Mid-Childa Golden
Presea Testarossa Mid-Childa Purple
Corona Timil Midchilda Yellow
Tre Special (IS) Violet
Hallie Tribeca Mid-Childa Orange red
Vita Ancient Belka Red
Vivio Mid-Childa
Modern Belka
Wendi Special (IS) Light magenta
Rio Wesley Modern Belka Vermillion
Hayate Yagami Ancient Belka White
Zafira Ancient Belka Indigo white


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