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Mage rank (魔導師ランク madōshi ranku, officially Wizard Rank[1]) is a scale used by TSAB to measure the mages' capacity to "achieve the tasks set before them".[2] It should not be taken as indicative of the mage's raw mana output or their ability to defeat lower ranks in combat, although both play a role in attaining a high rank.[3]


Each mage is put into one of 11 power grades, designated with letters: F, E, D, C, B, A, AA, AAA, S, SS, SSS (from least powerful to most powerful). Like similar grading systems, the grade may have a plus or minus. Typically, the TSAB armed forces are ranked D to C, while B is an impassable wall for many Air/Ground mages at first, officers are ranked AA to S. No canon character currently has the SSS rank, although the Saint Kings may have achieved its equivalent in the Ancient Belkan era.


According to the magic system and battle style (mage/knight), the following terms may be printed on the mage's ID card:[1]

  • Midchilda Wizard Rank
  • Belka Wizard Rank
  • Belka Ritter Rank
  • Old Belka Zauber Rank
  • Old Belka Ritter Rank
  • Old Belka Zauber-ritter Rank

The terms "Belka" and "Old Belka" stand for "Modern Belka" and "Ancient Belka", since modern practitioners of the latter are very rare. For mages practicing the Ancient Belka system, "Zauber" (Ger. "magic"; possibly a corruption of "Zauberer", Ger. "magician") is used instead of "Wizard", while the term "Ritter" is used for knights in both systems.

The ranks are further subdivided into three specializations:

  • Ground (陸戦 Rikusen, lit. "ground combat") ranks are assigned to mages who are trained in ground combat and pass appropriate examinations.
  • Air (空戦 Kūsen, lit. "air combat") ranks are assigned to aerial mages who are trained in aerial combat.
  • Synthetic (総合 Sōgō, sometimes translated as "Composite") ranks seem to be assigned to mages who specialize in supporting roles instead of combat and to those achieving high mage ranks due to their Rare Skills.


To advance from one magic rank to the next, one has to pass a Mage Rank Examination (魔導師ランク試験 Madōshi Ranku Shiken) like the one Subaru and Teana participate in in the beginning of StrikerS. A mage's rank can be reduced either because of severe injuries or temporarily by placing a limiter upon him or her.


Mage/Knight Mage rank Species Origin Magic system
Agito Unison Device Ancient Belka
Lutecia Alpine Human Mid-Childa Modern Belka
Megane Alpine AA (Ground) Human Mid-Childa Modern Belka
Fern Corrado AA (Ground) Human Mid-Childa Mid-Childa
Zest Grangeitz S+ (Air) Artificial Mage Ancient Belka
Vice Granscenic B+ (Ground) Human Karnarog Mid-Childa
Chrono Harlaown AAA+ (Air) Human Mid-Childa Mid-Childa
Teana Lanster AA (Ground) Human Mid-Childa Mid-Childa
Erio Mondial AA (Ground) Artificial Mage Mid-Childa Modern Belka
Ginga Nakajima Combat Cyborg Mid-Childa Modern Belka
Quint Nakajima Human Mid-Childa Modern Belka
Subaru Nakajima AA (Ground) Combat Cyborg Mid-Childa Modern Belka
Special (IS)
Schach Nouera Human Mid-Childa Modern Belka
Reinforce Zwei Unison Device Ancient Belka
Caro Ru Lushe Human Alzas Mid-Childa
Yuuno Scrya Human Mid-Childa Mid-Childa
Shamal AA+ (Synthetic) Wolkenritter Belka Ancient Belka
Signum Wolkenritter Belka Ancient Belka
Nanoha Takamachi S+ (Air) Human Earth Mid-Childa
Fate Testarossa Artificial Mage Mid-Childa Mid-Childa
Presea Testarossa SS (conditional) Human Mid-Childa Mid-Childa
Vita Wolkenritter Belka Ancient Belka
Hayate Yagami Human Earth Ancient Belka
Zafira Familiar
Belka Ancient Belka

Similar scalesEdit

Similar scales are use in other fields, as well:

  • Estimation of the threat level posed by a particular enemy combatant
  • Estimation of the power (and other parameters) of individual spells
  • Degree of body augmentation of Combat Cyborgs, particularly the Numbers


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