Luciferion Breaker
Shin Luciferion Breaker
Stern charging True Luciferion Breaker
Spell profile
Primary casterStern the Destructor
Magic systemMidchilda
TypeBombardment (Breaker)
Japanese nameルシフェリオンブレイカー
(Rushiferion Bureikā)
First app.Battle of Aces

Luciferion Breaker (ルシフェリオンブレイカー Rushiferion Bureikā) is a fiery bombardment attack possessed by Stern the Destructor in the portable continuity, fired with Luciferion's Disaster Head. It is in substance a copy of Nanoha Takamachi's Starlight Breaker.

Its aria in The Battle of Aces is "Gather, Morning Star. Become a blaze that burns away everything!" (集え、明星。すべてを焼き消す焔となれ! Tsudoe, akaboshi. Subete wo yakikesu hono'o to nare!) In the movie adaptation, only the first sentence is used as its aria.

Notable usesEdit

  • Luciferion Breaker is Stern's Full Drive Burst attack in The Battle of Aces.
  • In Reflection, during the assault on Allston Sea theme park, Stern casts Luciferion Breaker against Nanoha.


True Luciferion Breaker (真・ルシフェリオンブレイカー Shin Rushiferion Bureikā) is a double-bombardment variation developed after Stern acquires her new powers upon reviving in The Gears of Destiny. It is also her Full Drive Burst attack therein.[1] The aria is slightly changed to "Run wild, Morning Star. Turn into a blaze that burns away everything!" (疾れ、明星。すべてを焼き消す焔と変われ! Hashire, akaboshi. Subete wo yakikesu hono'o to kaware!)


  1. ^ In The Gears of Destiny game visuals and its special video remake, part of the attack is wrongly depicted as fired with Luciferion's Heat Head (with two mana wings instead of six for Disaster Head).