Lolo Endive
Lolo Endive
Character profile
SpeciesEclipse Driver
HomeworldMidchilda (?)
FamilyGrendel family
Japanese nameロロ・アンディーブ
(Roro Andību)
First app.Force (ch.22)

Lolo Endive (ロロ・アンディーブ Roro Andību) is the "Courier" of the Grendel family in Force.


Lolo may be named after the French slang "lolo" for milk, while "Endive" is the French (or Canadian) term for chicory.


In ForceEdit

Lolo was born in a destroyed city in somewhere in the Midchilda along with Kurt Grendel and Mariya Ranevskaya since childhood, as mention by Cinque and Kurt himself.[1]

In Force (ch.22), Lolo cloaks as the medical staff of Special Duty Section 6 and paralyses two Raptor units with her stunners in order to capture them, but is knocked out by Teana Lanster.


Lolo wields a pair of stunners as weapon. She possesses the ability to manipulate electricity, and is strong at electrical appliances and weapons.[2]

Although there is no description of her Divider, she can also perform energy Divide as mentioned by Kurt Grendel, and has a built-in Reactor.


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