Lightning Protection
Lightning Protection
Lightning-handling barrier cast by Huracan
Spell profile
Primary casterNanoha Takamachi
Fuka Reventon
Magic systemMidchilda
Modern Belka
Japanese nameライトニングプロテクション
(Raitoningu Purotekushon)
First app.Nanoha novel

Lightning Protection (ライトニングプロテクション Raitoningu Purotekushon) is a lightning-handling variation of the basic Protection barrier spell.

Notable usesEdit

Possible uses of the spell are noted as follows:

  • In ViVid Strike! (ep.5.5, OVA), Huracan casts an unnamed barrier, probably Lightning Protection under the Modern Belka system, to defend Fuka Reventon against Rio Wesley's electricity attack specifically, after assuming that attack for a while. The small size of the barrier is presumably due to concentrated defense along with Fuka's guard.


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