Lightning Blade Shock
Denjin Sho
Spell profile
Primary casterLevi the Slasher
Magic systemMidchilda
TypeShooting (Aimed)
Japanese name電刃衝
(Denjin Shō)
First app.Battle of Aces

Lightning Blade Shock (電刃衝 Denjin Shō) is a shooting attack possessed by Levi the Slasher in the portable continuity, fired with Vulnificus' Crusher. It is in substance a copy of Fate Testarossa's Plasma Lancer.

Levi sometimes uses the command phrase "Spark!" when casting this attack.

Notable usesEdit

Lightning Blade Shock is one of Levi's long-range shooting attacks in The Battle of Aces. The basic version fires one bullet whilst the charged version fires six bullets. In The Gears of Destiny, the charged version becomes four bullets; when Levi is in Barrier Jacket "Sprite Form", they become two bullets and eight bullets respectively.