Light Wing Slash
Koyoku Renzan
Levi launching Light Wing Double Slash
Spell profile
Primary casterLevi the Slasher
Magic systemMidchilda
TypeShooting (Aimed/Guided)
Japanese name光翼斬
(Kōyoku Zan)
First app.Battle of Aces

Light Wing Slash (光翼斬 Kōyoku Zan) is a shooting attack possessed by Levi the Slasher in the portable continuity, fired with Vulnificus' Slicer. It is in substance a copy of Fate Testarossa's Haken Saber.

After Levi acquires her new powers upon reviving in The Gears of Destiny, she personifies the spell by aiming the compressed mana blade projectile like a vertical wheel at high speed, instead of guiding it like a boomerang at lower speed in The Battle of Aces.

Notable usesEdit

  • Light Wing Slash is one of Levi's long-range shooting attacks in The Battle of Aces and The Gears of Destiny. The charged version fires a larger projectile than the basic's.
  • In the scenario of The Gears of Destiny, Levi casts Light Wing Slash against Rynith's Dark Fragment, who manages to dodge it.[1]


Light Wing Double Slash (光翼連斬 Kōyoku Renzan) is the double-projectile variation in The Gears of Destiny when Levi is in Barrier Jacket "Sprite Form", sometimes with the command phrase "Double Slash!" The charged attack fires larger projectiles, and may blow the opponent away.


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