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Leti Lowran
Leti Lowran
Leti in The MOVIE 2nd A's
Character profile
FamilyLowran family
AffiliationAdministrative Bureau Resources Management Dept.
Japanese nameレティ・ロウラン
(Reti Rōran)
First app.A's manga (prologue)
Voiced byNaoko Suzuki (A's)
Sayaka Ohara (The MOVIE 2nd A's)

Leti Lowran (レティ・ロウラン Reti Rōran) is Griffith Lowran's mother and an Admiral of the Administrative Bureau's Resources Management Department, first introduced in A's.

In A'sEdit

Leti only appears briefly in A's and as a regular background character alongside Lindy Harlaown in A's manga.

In StrikerSEdit

Leti is a recurring character in StrikerS manga, but in StrikerS itself, she only makes a cameo appearance and is mentioned in conversations.

Alternate continuitiesEdit


Like in A's, Leti only makes brief appearances in The MOVIE 2nd A's.


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