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Largo Kiel
Three Admirals
Largo Kiel (middle) with the other two Legendary Admirals
Character profile
HomeworldMidchilda (?)
RankAdmiral/Honorary Marshal
OccupationHonorary Marshal of the Armed Forces
Japanese nameラルゴ・キール
(Rarugo Kīru)
First app.StrikerS (ep.10)

Largo Kiel (ラルゴ・キール Rarugo Kīru) is one of the "Three Legendary Admirals" of the TSAB, alongside Leone Phils and Midget Crowbel, who took over the leadership of the Bureau after the TSAB High Council's official retirement. His official title is "Honorary Marshal of the Armed Forces" (武装隊栄誉元帥).[1]

He is probably named after Nissan Largo.


  1. ^ Largo Kiel on the Japanese Nanoha wiki.

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