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Laguna Granscenic
Character profile
Age 12 (StrikerS)
Date of birth0063
FamilyVice Granscenic (brother)
Japanese nameラグナ・グランセニック
(Raguna Guransenikku)
First app.StrikerS (ep.17, flashback)
StrikerS (ep.22)
Voiced byMai Nakahara

Laguna Granscenic (ラグナ・グランセニック Raguna Guransenikku) is Vice Granscenic's little sister who appears briefly in StrikerS.


Laguna is probably named after Renault Laguna.

In StrikerSEdit

Six years prior to StrikerS, Laguna was taken hostage by a criminal, and Vice, then a sniper for TSAB, accidentally shot her in the left eye while targeting the culprit. Although the situation was resolved and Laguna's eye was healed (presumably, cybernetically), his mistake made Vice doubt himself and give up the sniper career. Before the final confrontation of StrikerS, Laguna seeks Vice out to tell him that she has long forgiven him and to give him strength to return to battle. She now wears an eyepatch but takes it off towards the end of their meeting, revealing a seemingly healthy eye.


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