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Device profile
Other namesDemon Blade of Flame
Magic systemAncient Belka
Japanese nameレヴァンティン
First app.A's manga (prologue)
Voiced byTetsuya Kakihara

Laevatein (レヴァンティン Revantin), also known as "Demon Blade of Flame" (炎の魔剣 Hono'o no Maken), is Signum's Armed Device. It appears to have a personality but no programmed gender, and speaks only German like other Ancient Belkan Devices.


The name is a reference to the Norse mythology, where Lævateinn was an invincible flaming sword wielded by the giant Surtr against the gods during Ragnarök (the end of the world).[1]


Laevatein is first introduced in the A's manga prologue, and is featured prominently in A's, StrikerS manga, StrikerS, and Force.

After the Book of Darkness incident, its structure has been optimized in the epilogue of A's THE COMICS. It has also been optimized a few times by Mariel Atenza during the period of StrikerS.[2]

In Force, Laevatein is the first traditional Device used against the Divider and Eclipse. Although it is evenly matched with (if not superior to) Cypha's EC Divider Code-944, attacking her body directly causes significant damage to Laevatein, which is covered in cracks afterwards. As the battle continues, Cypha Reacts and effortlessly shatters Laevatein near the hilt with her elbow. Without her weapon, Signum sustains heavy injuries and doesn't regain consciousness until chapter 18. It isn't until chapter 20, however, that Laevatein sees action again in Signum's rehab sparring with Thoma, with its functionality apparently fully restored.

In the Movie continuity, Laevatein first appears in The MOVIE 2nd A's.


Form Description Appearances
Standby Form
Appeared as a miniature sword, hanging on Signum's neck-chain. A's (ep.3) — present
Ger. "Sword Form")
Laevatein's default form, appearing as a single-edged sword. A's (ep.2) — present
Ger. "Snake Form")
Mid-range form appearing as a chain-whip which can extend to great length and encircle opponents. It is very powerful for trapping and binding others. A's (ep.5) — present
Ger. "Bow Form")
Combining with its sheath, Laevatein in this form can shoot powerful arrow-like bolts. While powerful, this form is awkward to use, leaving Signum defenseless for a few seconds as she draws and fires. Thus, Signum has only used it twice in the primary continuity so far,[3][4] even though this Full Drive form is available during the JS Incident in StrikerS.[2] A's (ep.12) — present

Laevatein's form and abilities are designed after the Angelg and Vysaga, two mechs piloted by Lamia Loveless in Super Robot Wars. Schwertform and Signum's general fighting style are themed after Vaisaga's sword, Schlangenform is themed for Lamia herself in reference to the mythological lamia, and Bogenform is themed after Angelg's bow, which can perform the Phantom Phoenix attack in the games much like Bogenform's Sturmfalken.


Upgrade Description Appearances
( Saya)
Laevatein's sheath is a part of the Device, serving as a mana-compressor when Laevatein is pulled out from it. It could also be used to parry attacks (apparently surrounded by Field-type defensive magic), and is required to summon its Bogenform. A's (ep.5) — present
Cartridge System
Bolt action-type Cartridge System like hunting rifles, with capacity of 3 catridges. A's (ep.2) — present



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