Kyrie Florian
Character kirie
Kyrie's Formula Suit in Reflection
Character profile
Other namesManipulator of Time (portable)
SpeciesGears (portable)
Human (movie)
FamilyFlorian family
ColorPale blue
SystemFormula Eltria
DeviceVariant Zapper
Japanese nameキリエ・フローリアン
(Kirie Furōrian)
First app.Gears of Destiny
Voiced bySatomi Satō

Kyrie Florian (キリエ・フローリアン Kirie Furōrian) is a female character from planet Eltria, first introduced in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's Portable: The Gears of Destiny.


Her family name is presumably a reference to the Isuzu Florian.

In The Gears of Destiny, Kyrie is also titled the Manipulator of Time (時の操手 Toki no Sōshu).


By contrast to her sister Amitie Florian, her personality is cool and cynical. She is a natural airhead (天然呆け tennen boke).

Alternate continuitiesEdit


Kyrie only appears in The Gears of Destiny, as an android known as Gears. To save the dying planet Eltria, she travels dimensionally to Earth, aiming for System U-D. However, upon her arrival, she mistakes Hayate Yagami for Lord Dearche, the holder of the Tome of the Purple Sky whom she is looking for.[1]


Kyrie appears in Reflection and Detonation.

In Reflection, she travels to Earth together with her childhood friend Iris, ignoring her sister's objections, to look for ways to save Eltria.

Brave DuelEdit

Kyrie Florian is the younger daughter of the Florian family, studying Year 1 at the Eltria Girls High School.



Kyrie's Protect Suit in The Gears of Destiny

Like her sister, Kyrie uses the Formula Eltria magic powers and wields the red-framed Variant Zapper as weapon. She is more fond of sword-fencing than of gun-shooting in battles.

In the portable continuity, her red Zapper is more superior than Amitie's blue Zapper in consecutive shooting,[2] making her Rapid Trigger attack more powerful than her sister's Vulcan Raid. Notably in the games, her magic color is visually cyanic (instead of pale blue as seen in artworks) due to game visual effects.

Protect SuitEdit

In the portable continuity, Kyrie equips with her pink Protect Suit as her basic defense, which is considered the Formulan equivalent of Barrier Jacket.


Spells in The Gears of Destiny

Cross Range Long Range Long Range (Charged)
Attack/Basic[unnamed]Rapid Trigger
Block/HighRapid Trigger variationFinest Cannon
Catch/BindFencer EdgeLock OnAccelerator
△△EX AttackHeavy Edge swing attack---
RGuard[unnamed Formulan shield]---



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