Karna Maven
Karna Maven
Karna, presumably in her Adult Mode
Character profile
Japanese nameカルナ・メイブン
(Karuna Meibun)
First app.ViVid Strike! (ep.6)
Voiced byNatsumi Fujiwara

Karna Maven[1] (カルナ・メイブン Karuna Meibun) is a minor character first introduced in ViVid Strike! anime series.


Maven is presumably named after Mitsubishi Maven.

In ViVid Strike!Edit

Karna is a DSAA U15 Striker. In episode 06, she and Fuka Reventon face off each other in their first match of the 0080 Winter Cup tournament under U15 Striker Championship. She is knocked out by Fuka before doing any attack.


Karna presumably enters Adult Mode in her championship matches like many other U15 Strikers.


  1. ^ ViVid Strike!, episode 06.

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