Jet Zanber
Jet Zanber
Jet Zanber cutting through NachtWal
Spell profile
Primary casterFate Testarossa
Magic systemMidchilda
TypeEnergy blade
Japanese nameジェットザンバー
(Jetto Zanbā)
First app.A's (ep.12)

Jet Zanber (ジェットザンバー Jetto Zanbā) is Fate Testarossa's mana slash attack on large opponents, by elongating Bardiche Assault's Zanber blade. It has the effect of defence-breaking, which can break the opponent's barrier while hack-chopping it.[1]

By the elongation, Fate can also slash through targets that are out of ordinary range.

This attack may be based on the Hoshinagi no Tachi (Sword of the Cosmos) attack used by the Thrudgelmir in Super Robot Wars.

Notable usesEdit

  • In A's (ep.12) / The MOVIE 2nd A's, after disarming NachtWal's tentacles with Blade Impulse, Fate uses Jet Zanber to simultaneously slash through its last barrier layer, as well as its body.
  • Jet Zanber is Fate's Full Drive Burst attack in the portable continuity games.
  • In Reflection, Fate casts it during her spar with Nanoha Takamachi inside the training dimension set up by Shamal at the Yagami residence. Notably, Fate casts it like (or perhaps as) a bombardment attack, elongating the Zanber blade right in front of herself to confront Nanoha's incoming Hyperion Smasher.
  • In StrikerS (ep.21), Fate uses Jet Zanber to destroy multiple Type-III Gadget Drones. As it is used indoors and under AMF environment, Fate has controlled the elongation to certain extent.
  • In Force (ch.14), after launching a shooting attack, Fate uses it to cut off the Bible of Silver Cross which is located far from her behind Thoma Avenir.


  1. ^ Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha The MOVIE 2nd A's, DVD/BD Booklet, Magic Dictionary #76.

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