Javelin, as it appears in INNOCENT
Device profile
MasterIsis Egret
Wendi Nakajima
Teana Lanster
CreatorCaledfwlch Techniques
Magic systemSpecial (AEC)
TypeAEC Armament
Japanese nameジャベリン
First app.Force (ch.25)

Javelin (ジャベリン Jaberin) is a magic-driven weapon manufactured for Special Duty Section 6 by the Vaizen-based Caledfwlch Techniques in Force.


Javelin is the name adapted by INNOCENT. Its name is yet to be revealed in Force due to the suspension of manga. Its model designation may possibly be "CW-AEC09X-1", given the likeliness between its design and that of "CW-AEC09X-2" Oxtongue.


In Force (ch.25), Isis Egret is seen wielding a Javelin when wearing her Administrative Bureau uniform, escorting the Grendel family to the Bureau's Maritime Detention Center. However, it is not likely her primary equipment as she uses Perfume Glove in battles.

In Force (ch.28), Wendi Nakajima also wields a Javelin filled with AEC-material-coated bullets, when the Hückebein family attacks the Maritime Detention Center for Hades Vandein.[1]

In a Force artwork (adopted as manga Vol.6 cover illustration), Teana Lanster also wields a white and red Javelin instead of her longer-sized Oxtongue.

In the INNOCENT card game's crossover cards with Force, a white and turquoise Javelin has been adopted as an equipment of Duelist Alicia Testarossa while pairing up with Lily-Strosek's Engage Suit. Turquoise is not only Alicia's personal color in INNOCENT but also Lily's energy color in Force, indicating Lily may also use this armament in later chapters of Force like Isis.


  1. ^ It is misstated that Wendi is wielding an Oxtongue in Magical Record Lyrical Nanoha Force, Vol.6 chapter 28 Magic Dictionary.