Jab Flicker
Jab Flicker
Vivio attacking Rinne with her whip punch
Spell profile
Other namesFlicker Jab Counter
Primary casterVivio Takamachi
Magic systemModern Belka
TypeMagic-enhanced attack
StyleStrike Arts
Japanese nameジャブフリッカー
(Jabu Furikkā)
First app.ViVid (ch.87)

Jab Flicker (ジャブフリッカー Jabu Furikkā) is an high-speed whip punch attack used by Vivio Takamachi with her left fist.


In ViVid Strike!, the same attack is named Flicker Jab Counter (フリッカージャブ・カウンター Furikkā Jabu Kauntā).

Notable usesEdit

  • Vivio first uses Jab Flicker in ViVid (ch.87) during her show match against Miura Rinaldi.
  • In ViVid (ch.88), Vivio uses it to attack Miura again under "Gear Third".
  • In ViVid Strike!, Flicker Jab Counter is Vivio's favourite blow in Striker Championship matches,[1] e.g. the Winter Cup match against Rinne Berlinetta.


  1. ^ ViVid Strike!, official website character profiles.

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