Character profile
PartnerKyrie Florian (Reflection)
ColorLight red
SystemFormula Eltria
Japanese nameイリス
First app.Reflection
Voiced byYōko Hikasa

Iris (イリス Irisu) is Kyrie Florian's childhood friend who resides in an abandoned church on Eltria.[1] She is first introduced in Reflection.


Iris is a cheerful and obliging girl who cannot leave people in trouble unhelped.[1]

Alternate continuitiesEdit


Iris appears in Reflection and Detonation.

In Reflection, she is initially introduced as an artificial intelligent, "living" in a stone tablet that has been placed in an abandoned church on Eltria. She accompanies her childhood friend Kyrie Florian to Earth, as she advises Kyrie that the Examia crystal on Earth is a must to save Eltria.

After detailed planning, Iris assaults Hayate Yagami, aiming but fails to get her Tome of the Night Sky due to the interruption by Amitie Florian. Later, Kyrie successfully obtains and passes to her the Tome, with which Iris "summons" three souls and materialises them into Dearche, Stern and Levi using the technologies of Eltria.

When she and Kyrie find the Examia, it is revealed by Iris that she was actually once a human being, but since her death during a disaster caused by Yuri, her will has lived in the stone statue; and her true objective is to take revenge on Yuri, who is sealed in the Examia. She attacks Kyrie and robs the Examia. After "reviving" Yuri from the Examia, Iris quickly gains control over Yuri by virus codes, before their conversation is finished. She plans to defeat the Bureau mages with Yuri, and then kill Yuri with the soul trio.


The stone tablet that Iris resides in is a kind of relic in the Eltria universe, that can function as a processor and computer to run the Eltrian Formula. On Eltria, Iris has also obtained from Kyrie much resources to upgrade the stone tablet. As a result, Iris can easily dispel Midchildan and Ancient Belkan magics by decomposing their construction. She is also able to use Formula to control mechas in battles.


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