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Infinity Library
Infinite Library Yunno
Yuuno and Alph discussing The Saint's Cradle with Admirals Chrono and Lindy Harlaown in the Infinity Library
Organization profile
TypePublic library
LocationTSAB Headquarters[1]
EstablishedBefore establishment of TSAB[1]
LeaderYuuno Scrya (Chief Librarian since 0071)
Division ofAdministrative Bureau
Japanese name無限書庫
(Mugen Shoko)
First app.A's

Infinity Library (無限書庫 Mugen Shoko, lit. "Infinity Archive") is a seemingly endless archive of books and other documents collected by the Administrative Bureau, although its establishment was even before the setup of the Bureau.[1] It is part of the TSAB Headquarters.[2]

Notable employees/helpers of the Infinity Library include Yuuno Scrya, Alph and Vivio Takamachi.

It is featured in the A's manga, A's, StrikerS manga, StrikerS, Sound Stage X, and ViVid.


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