IS: Heavy Barrel
Spell profile
Primary casterDieci
Magic systemSpecial (IS)
Japanese nameヘヴィバレル
(Hevi Bareru)
First app.StrikerS (ep.12)

Heavy Barrel (ヘヴィバレル Hevi Bareru) is the Inherent Skill of Dieci. It is the generic name for her high shooting preciseness and her ability of using the cyborg energy to generate bullets for her Enormous Cannon.

The former is like a visual scanning system that supply Dieci with a high-level accuracy for long-range snipping shots. The latter enables Dieci to shoot energy bolts of different properties according to her own will. Indeed, time is needed for charging and sighting.


Derived spells recognized include:

  • Energy Bullet: Standard: Used in StrikerS episode 12 in an attempt to shoot down Vice Granscenic's helicopter, classified as a physical weapon and having the destructive power equivalent to an Over-S Rank attack by the Long Arch team. Also used in StrikerS episode 23 when confronting Nanoha.
  • Energy Bullet: Barret Image Aerosol Shell (バレットイメージ・エアゾルシェル): Used in StrikerS episode 16. It restricts destruction to the point of impact and then spreads paralyzing gas in the surrounding area.