Heat Chain
Spell profile
Primary casterHallie Tribeca
Magic systemMidchilda
TypeMelee (?)
Japanese name赤熱鎖(ヒートチェーン)
(Hīto Chēn)
First app.ViVid (ch.37)

Heat Chain (赤熱鎖(ヒートチェーン) Hīto Chēn, lit. Red Hot Chain) is an attack of Hallie Tribeca by charging Red Hawk with fire and elongating it at high speed. It can also be used to bind the opponents.

The official spell classification is not known, despite it is more close to magic-enhanced attacks (under the Belkan magic system or with Midchildan Armed Devices). As commented by Miura Rinaldi, its attack pattern is similar to Signum's connected blades, i.e. Laevatein's Schlangeform.


Heat Chain is the name referred by Rio Wesley. It is not known whether there is an official spell name (c/w connected blades vs. Schlangebeißen).

Notable usesEdit

In ViVid (ch.37), Hallie uses this attack during her Intermiddle match against Rio, who confronts it with Solfège's sword form.