Spell profile
Other namesIron Hammer
Primary casterMiura Rinaldi
Magic systemMidchilda
Japanese nameハンマー・シュラーク
(Hanmā Shurāku)
First app.ViVid (ch.21)

Hammerschlag (ハンマー・シュラーク Hanmā Shurāku) is a cross-range right punch attack cast by Miura Rinaldi in ViVid. It is based on Vita's "-hammer and -schlag" attacks.


Hammerschlag (or Hammer Schlag) is German for "Hammer Blow". It is named after its origins, i.e. Vita's spell names. When attacking, Miura sometimes merely refers to it as Iron Hammer (鉄槌 Tettsui).

Notable usesEdit

  • It is cast in ViVid (ch.21) on her opponent in the first stage of the 0079 Intermiddle. Before casting it, Miura has recalled Vita's face and words, "Blow into pieces with the Iron Hammer!" In ViVid anime (ep.8), the same words are recalled but "Hammerschlag" is not mentioned.
  • Miura also casts it on Mikaya Chevelle during their Elite Class battle (group 4 first match) in ViVid (ch.24) / ViVid anime (ep.9).
  • Miura attacks Vivio Takamachi in their show match with "Iron Hammer" in ViVid (ch.87), and later in ViVid (ch.90) again under Sword-drawing.


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