Character profile
SpeciesInsectoid summon
AffiliationLutecia Alpine
OccupationLutecia's knight
Japanese name白天王
First app.StrikerS (ep.24)

Hakutenou (白天王 Hakutenō, lit. "White Sky God")[1] is a large humanoid insect summoned by Lutecia Alpine. He first appears in episode 24 and is the equivalent to Caro Ru Lushe's Voltaire. Hakutenou's beam weapon only appears when Lutecia goes berserk - it is an abdominal-mounted beam that remains slightly inferior to Voltaire's shoulder blasts. Along with Garyu, they watch over Lutecia and her mother, Megane Alpine, while she's recovering. As Voltaire's counterpart, he seems to be equally powerful; the only difference is that he is of an insect species, while Voltaire is a dragon.


  1. ^ Hakutenou at the Japanese Nanoha wiki.

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